“Ivy! Ivy! Ivy!”


I was shocked hearing Rattlua-san’s voice echoing in the area.

As his voice sounded closer and closer, I could feel people around here gazing at me.

Since my face felt hot, it must have turned red.

I noticed that Meira-san, who was standing beside me, was looking at me as if pitying me.

She told me that the Sword of Fire was a top-ranked adventurer group, but I couldn’t imagine that Rattlua-san is their member.

I thought experienced top-ranked adventurers were calm and composed people.

Nah, they were calm and composed, except for Rattlua-san.

I wonder if he’s a special one?

Rattlua-san stood in front of me and gripped both of my shoulders.


“Are you alright? Nothing happened to you? How could anyone look rudely at you!”


What is this rude thing he’s talking about?

What kind of explanation did he hear?

I feel like this conversation is heading to a strange direction.


“Wait a minute, Rattlua.
Look at poor Ivy, to have you shout at him.”


Meira-san brushed Rattlua-san’s hands from my shoulders and spelled out my inner voice for me.

Thank you very much.


“Hm? What do you mean?”


…he didn’t get it.

I look at Rattlua-san, and he was staring at Meira-san confusedly.

Meira-san took a deep sigh and shook her head.

I feel somehow guilty for making her exhausted.


“Meira, thank you.”


Saizerg-san came here a bit later.

Nouga-san also came, but I didn’t see Cival-san.

As I looked around, he seemed to be talking with other adventurers.


“No need to thank me.
Because Ivy is like a cute younger brother to me.”


“I know, right? Won’t you be my younger brother? What do you think, Ivy?”


I shook my head since I was troubled even if he asked for my opinion.


“Eh~ just for a bit!”


What did he mean by a younger brother for a bit?

As I tilted my head in confusion, Nouga-san suddenly punched Rattlua-san’s head with his fist.

Rattlua-san clutched his head along with the sound of a whack.

He scowled at Nouga-san with tears in his eyes.


“Good grief, Rattlua is always ruffled no matter how much time has passed.”


“You’re annoying, Meira.”


“You guys’ relationship hasn’t changed either, huh.”


Saizerg-san muttered as if exasperated, as he looked at Rattlua-san and Meira-san.


“Oh, my, I think it’s much better now, though.
I’m an adult now.”


“Is that so? You look like you didn’t change at all in front of him.”


Meira-san sulked a bit after hearing Saizerg-san’s words.

Seems like Meira-san and Rattlua-san had known each other for a long time.

By the way, there’s no mercy Meira-san’s gaze when she’s speaking casually, or should I say engaging in a verbal battle.

Saizerg-san crouched a little to meet my line of sight.




I wonder what is it about, he looks so serious.




“I heard the story.  It happened since you arrived in this area, right?”


“Yes, that’s correct.”


“I see.
I’m sorry.
Because we took you here…”


“Eh, it’s not like that.
I’m very thankful you took me here.”




“If I spend the night in the forest, I might encounter ogres.
That’s why, I am really thankful.”


Because of the ogres, there’s no other way than bringing him here.
But we must talk about what will happen from now on.”


Saizerg-san smiled bitterly hearing Meira-san’s words.


Can you tell me the details?”




Since Cival-san had returned, I prepared some tea for everyone.

Meira-san was staring at me with overflowing interest while I was brewing tea.

Tea is indeed a unusual thing, huh.

I explained what happened since this morning as Nouga-san requested.

That I woke up because I felt uncomfortable, and I sensed someone’s presence outside my tent.

Also that I felt uncomfortable again and again during the day.
I looked around but didn’t manage to find anyone.

After I finished telling them my story, Saizerg-san and Nouga-san looked grim.

Cival-san’s expression didn’t change much, but he was clearly thinking about something.

Rattlua-san was glowering at our surroundings.

I wish he would stop doing that, because there are people who get frightened by getting stared at without knowing the reason.


“Is it them?”



Saizerg-san seemed to have an idea.


“I can’t think of anyone but them, after all.”


Meira-san seemed to have an idea as well.

What is it?

Nouga-san’s expression turned very scary.


“Nouga-san, your face might be capable of killing, you know.”


Rattlua-san nodded, agreeing with Meira-san’s words.

Not his gaze, but his face, precisely his expression.

Nouga-san coughed once and sipped his tea.


“Ivy, listen carefully.
There’s a troublesome organization in Otorwa Town.”


“An organization?”


Is it the organization Vice Captain Verivela told me about?

I heard they tightened the supervision, though.


“They are kidnapping people and selling them out as slaves.
The town’s vigilante groups were planning to crack down on them simultaneously, but someone leaked the information to them.
the crackdown failed and they got away.”


Saizerg-san looked quite frustrated.


“They only managed to catch the underlings who don’t know anything about the organization.
I guess they were left to buy them some time.”


They seemed to be an irresponsible bunch, judging from Nouga-san’s words.

I wonder why?


“Ugh, even though they are really kidnapping people, there is too little eyewitness information about those suspicious people.”


“…Do you think I am being targeted by that organization?”


“I can’t say that for sure yet.
However, it’s possible.
That’s why please be careful to not be anywhere alone at all times.”


Because he said it so seriously, I looked at Saizerg-san’s eyes and nodded once.

He patted my head, and my stiff nervous body relaxed a little.


“Ivy, I’ll introduce you to my friends.


What is it? the moment Meira-san’s gaze went towards the other adventurers, her smile turned scary.

I followed Meira-san’s gaze and looked at the same direction.
But because there were many adventurers, but I didn’t know what she was looking at.


“Please wait here for a bit.”


“Ye, yes.”


Her voice, which supposed to be gentle, for some reason sounded harsh.

Saizerg-san and Nouga-san spilled a dry laugh.

As I followed Meira-san’s figure, I arrived in front of 2 men.

And then…she grabbed both of their heads and hit them against each other.


“Ah, that looks painful~ Ivy, those two are Meira’s friends.
They are brothers and formed a group, Meira is their youngest sister.”


Brothers or not, it seemed painful.

I could hear the bang even from a little far away.

Let’s not make Meira-san angry.

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