While I was cleaning-up after breakfast, I thought about what kind of explanation I should give about the tea.

What if I say that everyone in Latomi drinks tea?

Ah, that won’t fly.

If someone among them knows about Latomi, they will soon find out that I’m lying.

Should I say that someone taught me?

But who taught me?

The fortune teller?

…I don’t really want to use my special person as a reason.

Besides, I don’t want to tell a lie.

I’m worried because they will find out someday.

Hmm~ should I say that I smelled something curious in the forest and found them?

I was curious about the smell and searched for them, indeed.

Yeah, that wasn’t a lie.

I just omitted a lot of things.

…alright, if someone asks, I’ll answer like that.


The adventurers were gathered in one place.

Apparently they were going to start the all-out subjugation.

What should I do?

Should I wait here?

Or is it okay to continue my journey?




After the adventurers’ discussion was over, I spoke to Saizerg-san.


“What’s the matter?”


“Is it alright for me to continue my journey?”


“You’d better not.
According to yesterday night’s eyewitness report, the number of ogres are higher than expected.”


“Do you mean there are more than 10 of them?”


“Even more than them.
The subjugation team leader predicted that the number is around 30.”


“There are a lot of them.”


“Yeah, that’s why it’s better for you to not leave this place.”


“I understand.
I’ll continue my journey after the subjugation is finished.”


“I’m sorry.
We’ll bring them down right away.”


“Please be careful so you don’t get hurt.”


“…yeah, that’s nice to hear.
Those words.”



The “please be careful” words?

I don’t understand how it’s nice, but it seems that he liked it.


“Ivy, can you help me for a bit?”


Nouga-san beckoned to me.

As I approached him, I saw some trash gathered in front of their tents.


“Yes, I’ll help if there’s anything I can help you with.”


“There is a garbage processing place in the center of this area, would you please bring these trash there for me?”


If you say garbage processing place, can I meet some slimes?

I’m actually grateful because I want to see the garbage processing place.




“I’m sorry, but would you please help with other adventurers’ garbage as well?”


It’s alright.”


“I’m sorry to ask you for all of these things.
Thank you.”


Someone called out to us.

When I looked towards their direction, they seemed to be a group of female adventurers.

Other groups were also waving their hands to get our attention.

I guess everyone is busy because they are heading for the subjugation.

After I sent the adventurers off, I headed for the center area while gathering trash.

After I walked past the tents, I arrived at the place where slimes are processing the garbage.

There were 14 slimes in total.

There were 4 adventurers, 3 males and 1 female.

I wonder if they are all tamers?


“Excuse me.
May I leave these trash here?”


“Oh, are you perhaps the kid brought by the Sword of Fire?”


The man who stood nearby was a little surprised when he saw me, and then nodded as if he understood something.


Thank you for your help.”


“Hahaha, you’re so polite.
You can leave the trash there.”


When I put down the trash, a slime approached.

There were dirty cloths, empty potion bottles, and also broken daggers among the trash I gathered.

Which one should I give?


“Huh? Do you perhaps have a sword?”


The woman asked me.


It’s broken, though.”


“This guy will process it, so would you please bring it here?”




I brought the broken dagger over and put it in front of the slime next to the woman.

Sword-eating slime is unusual even among rare slimes.

I looked at the slime.
It sat upon the dagger motionlessly.

Nothing changed, so I stared at it in confusion.


“Fufufu, I don’t think you’ll get it even if you stare.”




“Since swords take a long time to be processed.”


“Is that so…I didn’t know.”


When I returned to the place where I left the trash, a number of slimes were processing them.

Seemed like some of them could process empty bottles.

I felt something strange by looking at them.

Processing 1 empty bottle took a long time.

…Sora could do it in no time.

I felt somewhat uncomfortable when I watched the slime which I thought was in the process of digesting.

I felt a chill ran through my body.

I hurriedly checked my surroundings, but I didn’t find anyone.

What was that, it felt like this morning.

I have a bad feeling.


“Are you alright? You look a little pale.”


“Huh….I’m alright.
Thank you.”


Even though that woman spoke to me in a concerned tone, I couldn’t help but trembled a little.

That woman looked slightly surprised, but soon she smiled softly and held out her hand to me.


“I’m a member of the Verdant Wind, Meira, a tamer.
Nice to meet you.”


“Ah, I’m a solo traveler.
My name is Ivy.”


“So you travel alone.
You’re still a minor, right?”




“Talk to me if you have any concern.
I’ll help as an older adventurer!”


“Thank you.”


I felt something uncomfortable around my neck.

This feeling again.

I quickly scanned my surroundings, but I couldn’t manage to catch anything.

What is this thing really, it’s disgusting.


“Do you feel something?”




I forgot that I was talking with Meira-san due to that uncomfortable feeling.

She calmly shook her head, but she placed her hand on my head with a plop.


“Although I look like this, I’m a member of a fairly popular middle ranked adventurer group.
Would you let me hear your story?”


Is it okay to tell her?

But how should I tell her?


“You can tell me anything, you know.”


“Um…I feel uncomfortable.
There’s something around my neck.”


I don’t think she will be able to understand if I say it like this.

But I don’t know how to explain it well.

Meira-san was looking a little grim.


“It’s important to feel uncomfortable.
It’s related to protecting yourself.”


“To protect myself?”


I think you saw something disturbing.
When did you start to feel uncomfortable?”


“Since this morning.”


“That means, there is a problem with the member of this subjugation.”


Does this mean she trust my story?


“I’ll talk to the people I trust among the subjugation team members.
You should be careful not to be alone.”


But what if I made a mistake?”


“If it’s a mistake then we’ll  just make this a funny story.
But if it’s not a mistake, there’s a possibility that you’re being targeted.
Uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings are important to protect yourself.
You must not ignore them.”


How scary.

I certainly am feeling uncomfortable.

Does this mean I’m being targeted by someone?

I shivered.


“It’s alright.
I’ll tell the members of Sword of Fire as well.
They are top-ranked adventurers after all.”




That was a surprise.

T/N: I took the Verdant Wind from Fire Emblem 3 Houses, some of you may realize already~ (alternative translation would be Green Wind, which is less cool)

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