“This guy will process it, so would you please bring it here?”




I brought the broken dagger over and put it in front of the slime next to the woman.

Sword-eating slime is unusual even among rare slimes.

I looked at the slime.
It sat upon the dagger motionlessly.

Nothing changed, so I stared at it in confusion.


“Fufufu, I don’t think you’ll get it even if you stare.”




“Since swords take a long time to be processed.”


“Is that so…I didn’t know.”


When I returned to the place where I left the trash, a number of slimes were processing them.

Seemed like some of them could process empty bottles.

I felt something strange by looking at them.

Processing 1 empty bottle took a long time.

…Sora could do it in no time.

I felt somewhat uncomfortable when I watched the slime which I thought was in the process of digesting.

I felt a chill ran through my body.

I hurriedly checked my surroundings, but I didn’t find anyone.

What was that, it felt like this morning.

I have a bad feeling.


“Are you alright? You look a little pale.”


“Huh….I’m alright.
Thank you.”


Even though that woman spoke to me in a concerned tone, I couldn’t help but trembled a little.

That woman looked slightly surprised, but soon she smiled softly and held out her hand to me.


“I’m a member of the Verdant Wind, Meira, a tamer.
Nice to meet you.”


“Ah, I’m a solo traveler.
My name is Ivy.”


“So you travel alone.
You’re still a minor, right?”




“Talk to me if you have any concern.
I’ll help as an older adventurer!”


“Thank you.”


I felt something uncomfortable around my neck.

This feeling again.

I quickly scanned my surroundings, but I couldn’t manage to catch anything.

What is this thing really, it’s disgusting.


“Do you feel something?”




I forgot that I was talking with Meira-san due to that uncomfortable feeling.

She calmly shook her head, but she placed her hand on my head with a plop.


“Although I look like this, I’m a member of a fairly popular middle ranked adventurer group.
Would you let me hear your story?”


Is it okay to tell her?

But how should I tell her?


“You can tell me anything, you know.”


“Um…I feel uncomfortable.
There’s something around my neck.”


I don’t think she will be able to understand if I say it like this.

But I don’t know how to explain it well.

Meira-san was looking a little grim.


“It’s important to feel uncomfortable.
It’s related to protecting yourself.”


“To protect myself?”


I think you saw something disturbing.
When did you start to feel uncomfortable?”


“Since this morning.”


“That means, there is a problem with the member of this subjugation.”


Does this mean she trust my story?


“I’ll talk to the people I trust among the subjugation team members.
You should be careful not to be alone.”


But what if I made a mistake?”


“If it’s a mistake then we’ll  just make this a funny story.
But if it’s not a mistake, there’s a possibility that you’re being targeted.
Uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings are important to protect yourself.
You must not ignore them.”


How scary.

I certainly am feeling uncomfortable.

Does this mean I’m being targeted by someone?

I shivered.


“It’s alright.
I’ll tell the members of Sword of Fire as well.
They are top-ranked adventurers after all.”




That was a surprise.

T/N: I took the Verdant Wind from Fire Emblem 3 Houses, some of you may realize already~ (alternative translation would be Green Wind, which is less cool)

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