Rattlua-san did all the cleaning-up after our dinner.



“Ivy, herbs? Food preparation? I might finally be able to cook as well! Please teach me more!”


“Uhh, that…”


I want to go back to my tent since I haven’t given Sora its meal.

Besides, I don’t want to talk about that right now.

I wonder what I should do.


“Cut it out! Sorry, Ivy, you can ignore his request.”


“Rattlua-san, excuse me.
Good night.”


I brought back the boiled water from before and returned to my tent.


“Fuu~ so tired.”


I listened carefully to what happened outside this tent.

I could hear Nouga-san and disgruntled Rattlua-san’s voices.

After a while, I could not hear them anymore.

I wonder if it’s all right now.

I took Sora out of my bag, and spoke to it in a low voice.


“Sorry, I’m so late, Sora.
Please be quiet since we are close to the other tents.
I’ll prepare your meal right away.”


Sora looked at me, bounced, and then started to eat the lined up potions.

I soaked a towel in hot water and wrung it.

I was thinking about medicinal herbs while wiping my body.

I studied about medicinal herbs from the book given by the fortune teller.

They are used as raw material for potions and can be found in forests.

However, they are not so useful since they are less effective than degraded potions.

That’s why I only memorized the poisonous ones among them.

For even touching them can cause swelling, so I have to be careful.


I changed into fresh clothes and looked at Sora.

It was stretching and bouncing.

As it stretched out, I could see that Sora’s color is divided beautifully into top and bottom part.

In its waterdrop-shape, there are some parts where the colors are mixed up.

Those parts are getting smaller and smaller everyday, and probably still changing.

Will Sora continue changing its colors?

What will happen if it keep changing colors?

…When I looked at Sora, it was doing the vertical movement.

Well, it doesn’t matter.


I took out the medicinal herbs book from my magic bag.

I’m quite certain I found the herbs when I was hunting for field mice.

I smelled something nostalgic at that time, so I looked around and found the herb.



How strange.

To feel nostalgic even though it was the first time I saw the herbs, or rather, medicinal herbs?

It seems like the memory of my previous self has quite an influence to my memory.

I didn’t notice at that time since I didn’t feel anything strange.

Come to think of it, I dried the herbs I collected without any suspicion.

Now that I remembered, that was strange.


I took out all the dried herbs I carry around from my bag and compared them with the pictures depicted in the medicinal herbs book.

Among them, there are 4 types that aren’t depicted in the book, but all of the others are included as medicinal herbs.

So they are indeed medicinal herbs.


Let’s be careful not to say wrong thing next time.

I yawned.

I’m quite tired since surprising things happened one after the other.


“Shall we go to bed, Sora?”


I called Sora in a low voice.

I put on a blanket over Sora and me, and got ready to sleep.

How should I explain to Rattlua-san tomorrow?

…I can’t think of any good way at all, I’m sleepy, let’s sleep for now.


“Good night, Sora.”



The presence outside my tent woke me up.

What was it?

The presence felt a little unpleasant.

I opened my eyes slowly and confirmed that the entrance to the tent is locked.

The presence was rather subdued, but I felt that it was examining my situation.

The presence felt different from the 4 members of Sword of Fire.
I shivered a little feeling the discomfort it caused.

I’m scared.


“Who is it?”


After I called out to them, the presence quietly went away.

What was that?

Did they find out about Sora?

I confirmed that the entrance was locked once again.

It’s alright, it was tightly closed without any gap and I made it so it couldn’t be opened from the outside.

I hugged Sora tightly.

I somehow felt something is weird.

When it was a little brighter outside, I hung the bag containing Sora over my shoulders and left the tent.

The adventurers were busy moving around already.

I noticed that there were more people now compared to last night.

Was it just my imagination?


“Good morning, Ivy.”


When I was looking at the adventurers, I heard Rattlua-san’s voice from behind.
I was surprised and my shoulders shook.


“Eh? Are you okay? Ivy?”


“Um, I’m alright.
Good morning.”

Rattlua-san looked at my face worriedly.

I was a little surprised and stepped back involuntarily.


“Why are you attacking the kid!”


“Attacking? Eeh, I’m not attacking anyone.
Hey, Ivy, I’m not attacking you, right?”


He’s not attacking me, Nouga-san.”


“Is that so? Tell me if he harass you.
I’ll hit him hard for you.”


“Come on, you’re so heartless! I’m innocent!”


“Good morning.
Rattlua is so noisy so early in the morning.”


“Good morning, Ivy.”


“Good morning.


I almost forgot Cival-san’s name.

That was close.


“Ivy, you forgot my name, didn’t you!”


“Uh, I’m sorry.”


“…how cute~ I want a younger brother like you!”


Suddenly, Rattlua-san hugged me from the side.

I was too surprised I couldn’t utter any word.

Rattlua-san let me go after a sound of something snapping.

When I looked at him, he was holding his head and looked in pain.


“Are you alright?”


“Don’t mind me, there’s no problem.”


For some reason, Nouga-san replied instead.

Is there really no problem?

He looked to be in a considerable pain.


“How about we have breakfast together? What do you usually eat?”


“Hmm, dried meat and tree fruits.
And some tea after that.”


“Hee~ tea? How unusual, tea is expensive, right?”


Is tea unusual?

Is it expensive?

Speaking of which, I don’t really see people drinking tea.

How should I explain? Will they think of me as weird?


“I plucked this tea leaves from trees in the forest, so it doesn’t cost any money.”


“Forest? You can only get tea leaves from a dedicated plantation, right?”


What should I do, is this knowledge also no good?

For the time being, I’ll make them some tea and see their reaction.

As I was preparing tea for 5 persons, Nouga-san brought black bread and 4 mug cups.


“This is for you.
I’ll leave the tea preparation to you.”


I was a little surprised when he gave me a black bread, but I accepted it and said my thanks.

I poured tea into 4 cups and distributed them.


I also poured some tea into my own cup.

The smell calmed me down.


“What a great smell.
Somewhat calming.”


“It’s certainly different from the tea I drank before, but this is also delicious.”


It seems that Saizerg-san and Cival-san like my tea.

Rattlua-san was drinking with a strange expression on his face.

Nouga-san didn’t make much reaction, but he gulped the first drop cautiously.

I could judge from their reaction that this is really an unfamiliar tea.

…This tea too, after the herbs?

What should I do?

T/N: I want to say thank you to KrazeyK for their generous coffee donation! I’ll continue to do my best translating this novel! Once again thank you very much :))

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