The leader of the Sword of Fire was Saizerg-san.

The other 3 were Rattlua-san, Cival-san, Nouga-san.

Rattlua-san was the one who spoke to me first.


“Do you have a tent?”




“If that’s the case, there should be an empty space next to our tent, I guess you can use it.”


I confirmed the place informed by Seizerg-san.

Since my tent is a single-person one, I think I can set it up in the extra space.

While I was setting up my tent, the members of Sword of Fire informed the people around about me.

They also seemed to be exchanging information about ogres.

I got out of the tent after I finished setting up my tent and tidied up the inside.
For some reason, Rattlua-san was waiting for me.


“I’m on meal duty today.
What will you do about your meal?”



As I looked around, I could see people lighting fire and cooking here and there.

If I’m allowed to cook, I think I will grill the wild rabbit I prepared beforehand.


“Um, I’m thinking about grilling wild rabbit.”


“Woah! Are you perhaps hunting during your journey? How amazing, even though you’re alone.
Ah, but aren’t wild rabbits smelly?”


It wasn’t like I especially hunted.

I got them from Adandara.

That’s why I felt somehow a little guilty.


About the smell of wild rabbits, since I prepared them beforehand, it’s bearable.”


“You prepared them beforehand? Then they don’t smell anymore?”


“Huh? …Yes, that’s right.”


“So it’s like that! I didn’t know.
Well, let’s make dinner together!”


“Huh? Huh?”


“Actually, I’m not good at cooking~ Even though I do taste-testing while cooking, they always say my cooking tastes strange.
What do you think is the reason?”


Even if you ask me, I have no idea.


“Well, let’s make our dinner!”


After his announcement, he grabbed my arm tightly.

When I looked at his face, he was looking at me desperately.

Well, not like there’s any problem if we cook together.

Besides, I can’t refuse if he look at me like that.


“What are you going to make?”


“Um, I’m going to grill the meat, bake the potatoes, bake the hakuka, add salt and pepper.”


…you call that cooking?

I think it’s better to make soup with hakuka greens.

Or rather, if he’s only going to grill and add salt and pepper, then he doesn’t need my help.


“Can you cook, Ivy?”


“I can cook simple stuff like soup.”


“Soup! Amazing.
My comrades told me to never make it ever again.”


I wonder what kind of soup did he make?

It’s a little concerning that he was told to never make it again.


“Right, Ivy, please make some soup! It’s nice to have some soup at night after all.
It warms your body as well.”


It’s not that cold now, but I surely want something warm at night.

Soup, how nice.


“Is it no good? No good? You can use any seasonings or ingredients as you wish!”


Is it only my imagination that he looks so desperate?


“I can only make simple soup, though, is that alright?”


“It’s alright!”


I returned to my tent, and came out again bringing wild rabbit meat and a bag containing herbs I collected in the forest.

Rattlua-san brought a large pot from their tent.

Since they also had prepared some water, it was poured into the pot and boiled.

I sprinkled and rubbed wild rabbit meat with herbs and salt to remove its smell.

While I grilled wild rabbit meat, cut into bite-sized pieces in a heated frying pan, I put vegetables and other ingredients into the pot next to the frying pan and boiled them.

When the meat is grilled outside, I moved them into the pot and added tree fruits with unique fragrant smell and salt as seasonings.

The point is to add the smell-removing herbs also when you cook the soup.

This soup will be ready after it simmers thoroughly.


“It smells kinda good.
I have never smelt something like this, though.”


A smell you’ve never smelt?

Did I perhaps fail?

I tried to taste the soup.

The smell of wild rabbit is gone due to the herbs, I don’t think there’s any problem.

However I’m a bit worried.

The lump of meat that Rattlua-san brought here.

It seemed to be meat of an animal called Mou; and this is my first time cooking it.

I sniffed it, but I can’t smell anything.

I rubbed it with a mixture of spicy dried herbs and salt.

I grilled it in the frying pan after leaving it for some time.

The smell of meat grilling oozed into the air.

That reminds me, will monsters approach if they smell this?


“Um, won’t monsters come here if they smell this?”


“Smell? Ah, we applied monster repellant around here.
So it’s alright.”


Monster repellant?

It must be something to prevent monsters from coming here drawn by this smell.

I had heard that it was quite expensive.

I wonder if they are a group of highly ranked adventurers, considering they are using that thing.

…That reminds me, they said that the Sword of Fire was famous in Otorwa Town.

I looked at the person in front of me.

He was staring at the meat being grilled…and drooled.

Perhaps there are a lot of types of famous.


I checked the soup while waiting for the meat to be well – cooked.

It’s almost done.


“Rattlua, did you make Ivy cook dinner?”


“Eh! No, we’re cooking together…huh? I haven’t done anything at all, huh.”


“Haa~ I’m sorry, Ivy.”


“Don’t worry about it.
It’s easy, anyway.”


“Did you cook these? Then we’ll have a good meal today.
Oh, you cooked some soup? I’m glad he gave up today.”


Saizerg-san knocked Rattlua-san’s head lightly.

Even while Nouga-san looked apologetic, he glanced stealthily towards the grilled meat.

Cival-san went straight to the soup pot.

Everyone seems hungry.


After we distributed the soup and meat, Saizerg-san brought and cut up some black bread.

I’m glad that I also have my share.

I had only eaten black bread around twice.


“Looks delicious~….Woah…”


Cival-san spooned the soup to his mouth and stopped for a while.



Did it taste bad?

What should I do?


“What is this, so delicious!”


I was wrong, seems like the soup is delicious.

I was a little worried because I made it in a short time.


“Really, it’s delicious.
Is this perhaps rabbit meat?”


“Yes, that’s right.”


“I don’t mind rabbits if they are smoked, but they have unique smell, right? But I don’t smell any here.”


“Ivy is amazing, you know.
He said they don’t smell because he prepared them beforehand.”


Isn’t food preparation an obvious thing?

…We need to prepare the cooking ingredients, right?


“This faint smell came from medicinal herbs, right? Did you remove the smell by using medicinal herbs?”


Medicinal herbs?

…Is he talking about the herbs?


“Yes, I used dried leaves I found in the forest.”


“Amazing, right?”


“Why are you bragging, Rattlua? The meat as well, deliciously spicy.”


“Yeah, these are delicious.
I was worried because Rattlua is on meal duty, but we have a good meal because of you.
Thank you.”


“Don’t worry about it, I’m glad you like them.”


I ate a spoonful of soup.

The fragrant aroma spread out.
I boiled the potatoes and hakuka together, but both of them were delicious.

Yes, it’s a success.

Medicinal herbs, huh…are they different from herbs?


Why did I know about herbs?

…perhaps, memories of my previous self?

That can’t be, right?

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