I searched around for any presence while refilling my bamboo tubes with water.

Water consumption is surprisingly high because it’s so hot.

It’s a bit better because I have more bamboo tubes now, though.




Sora was jumping up and down energetically around me.

Somehow it was in full spirit since this morning.

I wonder if there’s any reason behind it?

…I just want it to stop looking for something full of injuries.

Nah, about Sora liking injuries…I only thought a little about it.


And then, there was one more unexpected thing.

That is




It’s about Adandara.

I had left Latome Village 4 days ago.

We had been traveling together since I left the village.

I heard that animals and monsters have their own territory.
Is it alright?

When I looked at Adandara, it wagged its tail and nuzzled against my head.

Hmm~ it’s really unfortunate that I can’t tame Adandara.

Because Adandara was together with us, I gave up going through the village road and decided to go through the forest.

As expected, it’s impossible to walk through the village road openly, right?

I’m glad I bought a map before.

Or else, I’m going to get lost in the forest.


“Shall we go now?”


I called Sora and Adandara, and then continued walking through the forest while looking at my map.

I thought of something strange while searching for any presence.

During these 4 days, the presence of both monsters and animals is quite far away.

Although it wouldn’t be strange if there are monsters in this forest, since some places were so dense.

I glanced at Adandara.

According to information in the book, Adandara was a quite high-leveled monster.

Perhaps others are afraid of Adandara and don’t dare to come near us?

I guess because it noticed my glance, Adandara looked at me and growled.

…how cute.

It doesn’t look like a monster that make other animals and monsters cautious.

It’s unthinkable that the information in the book is incorrect.

I guess it’s not Adandara after all?

Its characteristics are those of Adandara, though.



As we were walking through the forest, I stopped as I sensed a presence a bit far away.

I called Sora and put it inside my bag.

Adandara was looking at the direction of the presence, but it didn’t seem to be cautious.


“I think this is a presence of adventurers.
Please hide so you don’t get attacked.”




It dashed into somewhere in the forest after growled.

I’m worried, but let’s trust that Adandara will be alright.

I checked the direction to return to the village road in the map and started walking.

I thought they were adventurers, but I noticed their numbers were a bit large.

Because their presence was moving, I took care so I didn’t meet them.

I arrived at the village road and searched for presence of the adventurers, but they seemed to have gone deep into the forest.

That’s good.

After a while, I sensed another presence.

This one as well, seemed like adventurers because their presence was faint.

The number of adventurers from earlier was large even for a group, and they were adventurers.

If a lot of adventurers were together in the same place, it’s highly possible that their target had appeared in that place.

Otherwise, did a person from wanted list escaped into the forest?

I took deep breaths slowly and sensed for any presence in even wider area.

I managed to find one more presence.
I think this one is an adventurer as well.

They have similar faint presence, and if all of them are adventurers, perhaps some problem has occurred in the forest.

…What should I do, should I ask the adventurers?

But, are they really adventurers?

If they are not…

I sensed another presence again.

The presence seemed to be walking through this village road and gradually getting closer to us.

The only thing I understood from their presence is they are a group of 4 people.

Let’s try to go to a place where I can confirm their appearance, and decide what to do after that.

However, let’s make sure I’m able to escape any time.


After a while, I could see the figures of the 4 adventurers in the distance.

They should be able to see me from there as well.

Their presence was faint, and I didn’t sense any uncomfortable feeling like what I sensed from the adventurers in the adventurers square.

I wonder if this is alright?

I approached the adventurers nervously.


“Are you alone, kid?”


While I was hesitating on how to speak to them, they spoke to me first.

I nodded lightly, and a little cautiously.


“Hahaha, you don’t have to be so cautious.”


The 4 men stopped a little far away from me.

I guess they don’t want to scare me.


“It’s because your face is scary, leader.
It’s alright, he’s kind although his face looks like this.”


“No doubt about it.”


“You guys~”


They don’t look like bad guys, but…

I guess it’s alright to listen to their stories for now?


“Um, did anything happen in the forest?”


“Oh, you’re good.
You noticed?”


I noticed?

About the adventurers?

I tilted my head a little.


“You noticed something unusual.
Well, since a large number of adventurers gathered, huh.”


I didn’t know whether it was unusual or not because I had never been here before, but I understand about the large number of adventurers.

Unless in a vast forest, or a famous cave, it is unusual to meet several groups of adventurers in a short time period.

That is because adventurers avoid meeting their colleagues in the forest.

When adventurers gather in a same place, that means problem has occurred.


“A monster.
Information about a tough monster has been circulating and they have issued a subjugation request.”


What if it’s about Adandara?


“What sort of monster is it?”


“A number of ogres.
They said there might be more than 10 of them.”


So it was about ogres, not Adandara.

That’s good.


“It will be dark soon.
There is a place where adventurers gather nearby.
It’s dangerous at night, so you’d better join us.”


I looked around, and it is almost the time for the sun to set indeed.

Ogre must be a quite dangerous human-eating monster.

Maybe it’s better to join them.

Is Adandara alright?

…I can only believe that it’s alright.


“Will I cause a problem if I join you?”


“It’s alright.
When a subjugation request is issued, we have a duty to protect young adventurers and merchants.”


…That reminds me, I had heard something like that before.

When I asked them where they gather, it seemed that they would accompany me to go there.

It should be alright, isn’t it?


“Right, we belong a group called Sword of Fire, do you know about us?”


“I’m sorry.
I don’t know much about adventurers groups.”


“Is that so~ we have quite a bit of fame in Otorwa Town, though.”


“This is the first time I go to Otorwa Town.”


“Ah, then of course you don’t know about us.


“It’s alright.”


After we walked for a bit, we arrived in an open place, and I was a little shocked.

There were more than 15 large tents set up there.

It might be a rather large-scale subjugation.

T/N: There’s actually an extra chapter sandwiched between chapter 58 and 59 about the village head.
Are you guys interested? Should I translate it or should I just move along the main story and tl it someday lol.

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