Five degraded magic bags.

One of the bags is folded in half and tied around the waist with a string.

The remaining 4 are placed 2 on the right and 2 on the left.

Each of them is stuffed to the brim.


A lot of degraded potions.

For healing wounds,

For curing illnesses,

For reducing pain,

And potions for lifting up curses.

All of them are degraded, and nobody knows if they are effective until they are used.

As long as it is not the lowest degraded version, it will cure you to some extent.

I learned it from experience.


As I ran around the forest, I collected provisions for my secret journey.

I don’t want to leave any stuff I gathered and hid together with the fortune teller.


Dried meat for food.

From here and there…I received them as a farewell gift before my journey begins.

Is there any problem?


I put water from a spring in the forest in a bamboo tube and put it in the bag.

It’s not enough, but I can’t carry more so it can’t be helped.

I also brought the books that I received from the fortune teller.


Then, after I retrieved the broken small sword, I left the village.



It was a coincidence.

Yes, perhaps I was lucky.

I began to lurk around the village once in every five days to gather information.

Because I learned from experience that information is important.

I went down from the forest to get information yesterday as well.


I hid myself in the assembly hall where people don’t usually come, and examined the presence around my surroundings.

Usually I don’t feel anything, but today I feel the presence of people.

As I listen carefully, a faint voice can be heard.

Looks like there are two men.


“Found that thing.
It seems to be hiding in some place in the forest.”


“I see, hey, Tabro.

You know that thing brings misfortune to this village, don’t you?”


Tabro is my father’s name.

I didn’t recognize the other person.


I breathed quietly, and carefully confirmed the voice’s owner from under the assembly hall’s shadow.

…It was the village head.


“Of course.

A no-star is not a good existence in this world.

I’m sure that kid will be happy since she can go to God’s side.”


…Are you joking!

I will be happy to die?

I want to live, and who says something like I want to go to God’s place!


I was furious.

I took deep breaths to hold down my anger.

To avoid being found, I left that place quietly, and then retrieved the things I hid in the forest.

I was prepared to leave at any time.

However, I just couldn’t get my last reason.

…Indeed, I’m scared to leave the village where I was born.

But if I am in danger of dying here, I will leave the village.

I won’t hesitate anymore.


On the outskirts of the forest, quite far from the village, there is a tree so large you can say it’s the largest in the entire forest.

There is a hollow space where you can hide things in a particular section of the tree roots.

I put my hand into the hollow space and dragged out the thing I had hidden.

An important sword to protect myself in the forest.

This is something the fortune teller found out for me, and she especially found one that fit my body size.


It was still a little too big for my 8-year-old self, but she said that she couldn’t find any sword smaller than this.

A sword with a slightly chipped blade edge.

I ran towards the opposite direction from the village, bringing that sword.


I only looked back once when I had reached a place far enough from the village.
I could only see its faint light there.

The forest near the village had taken care of me.

I wanted to say thank you to the fortune teller.

I clutched my sword and held my jumbled feelings from overflowing.


As I shifted my gaze away from the village, I saw a light from one of my hiding place.

I had secured several places for me to sleep in the forest.

The place they found seemed to be the one nearest to the village.

Let’s be careful when looking for a dwelling place next time.


I moved my feet.

I will never return to this village again.

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