side, ah~ even though he was smiling, I felt a terrible chill.


“Verivela, um.
This is?”


“The work you have accumulated all this time.”


Oops, I have to patrol.”


“Hahaha, please don’t worry about it.
I have changed your schedule so you can work here all day.”




“Ah, yes.
I’m also working here all day as well.”


“…I see.”


He’s serious, his eyes say he’s serious.

Oh crap, I’m in trouble.


Come to think of it, I haven’t done any paperwork at all lately…I glanced at the stack of documents.

I see, that’s why he snapped.


“Please let me do it.”


“Of course.”




I reached out to the documents.

Ah~ reading each and every one of them is so tiresome.

Really, how does one do paperwork?


“Oh, this.”


“What’s wrong?”


Verivela held out a document towards me.

I took it and checked it out.

The next moment, I knew there was a deep crease between my eyebrows.

That document is a copy of the request sent by Latomi Village to the adventurer guild.

The content is asking them to find the villagers who stole the village’s property.

Their genders and names are listed in 3 sheets.


“Latomi Village head is a fool.”


“Yeah, both guilds have already understood the present condition of Latomi Village.
This thing is useless.”


Information from the merchants are very accurate and fast because their life depend on it.

Merchant guild also take information seriously, so they immediately check even rumors from the merchants.

As a result, they already knew what had become of Latomi Village now.

The merchant guild had assessed the village head and nobles of Latomi Village as the lowest rank of 1.

The assessment rank is basically level of confidence.

Low rank means that there is a high possibility that you will not be able to conduct a honest transaction.

Nobody wants to make a deal with a village with a low ranked village head.

Sending this kind of request to the adventurer guild in such a condition, huh.

Why doesn’t he realize that he’s digging his own grave?

Information about the village also flowed to adventurer guild.

For that reason, a sentence written on blank space in the first page of this document said: protect the property of the following villagers.

Protect the property of the fleeing villagers, not the village.

In other words, both the adventurer guild and merchant guild declared that they would not work in this case.


“How stupid.”


“Stupid, indeed.”


Ivy’s name was not included in the list.

However, there’s one girl’s name that took my attention.

Among a lot of people who fled with their families, only this girl fled by herself.

Perhaps Verivela had noticed it as well.


“That kid has some secrets.
Gender or something else.”


Isn’t it the reason why that kid couldn’t live in the village?


“Fuu~ that kid doesn’t trust me, huh.”


“…The event in Latomi Village had hurt the kid to that extent.
The kid will tell you someday, I’m sure.”


“That’s right.
I should wait patiently.
You got to meet the kid?”


“Yeah, since I wanted to tell the kid some information properly.”


“More importantly, what did you say to get your duty swapped?”

(T/N: I assumed they’re talking about the gatekeeper duty here.)



“He seemed pale and frightened he was trembling, you know.”


“How rude, I asked politely with a smile, though.”


“…I’m sure he’s more scared than I am.”


“Captain, no matter how much time passed, you can’t get out of this room, you know.”


“Ah~ I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”

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