Next to the tent, I placed a flat stone on a mat I picked up.

I put the dried sopura skins on the mat and beat them up with a fist-sized stone.

Turning sopura skins into powder is a simple task, but it takes time with power of a child.

I started in the morning, but I only finally managed to grind all the skins into powder after midday.

I put the sopura powder into a jar I picked up, covered it with a cloth and a string and put it in my bag.


“I’m so tired~”


My arms were trembling.

I don’t want to carry anything anymore today.

Fu~ I’m really tired.

Because I was putting my strength into my arms for a long time, even my fingers were numb.

But it’s over now.

Other than that…about Sora’s potions, I guess I’ll pick them up when I leave the village tomorrow.

Ah, if I don’t buy some dried meat, I won’t have enough.


“Alright! Let’s go buy some dried meat!”


When I entered my tent and called Sora, it came to me with a big leap.

Although Sora leaped high, it didn’t hit the ceiling like the first time.

Sora seemed to have adjusted its movement properly.

I picked Sora up and put it in my bag.

I’m planning to leave this village tomorrow.

I want to say my greetings to Captain Argud and Vice Captain Verivela who have helped me a lot.

I wonder where they are?

I guess I have to go to their post to meet them?

I looked for Captain Argud and Vice Captain Verivela as I headed to the butcher shop.

If I’m lucky I will be able to meet them.


“Oh, welcome.”


“Good afternoon.”


“Good afternoon? Hmm? You didn’t catch anything today?”


“Eh? Ah, I came to buy dried meat today, since I’m going to leave this village tomorrow.”


“Is that so, too bad then.
Because you always dissect the meat cleanly, I can make dried meat without any waste.
I’m very thankful towards you.”


“…Thank you.”


I’m very glad.

I went to the shelf where dried meat was placed to conceal my face, which surely became a little red.

I hesitated between buying the small bag or the large bag, but finally I chose the large bag.

I usually buy 1 bag, but since I eat a little more now, I’m going to buy 2 bags.


“I’m buying these, please.”


They are 600 dall.
And here is an extra since you helped me a lot.
Thank you very much.”


“Ah, thank you very much.”


She placed a small bag beside the large bags I bought.

The small bag was full of shreds of dried meat.


“Be careful on your journey.
Towards nonoshi, monsters and the others.”


Thank you.”


I bowed deeply and left the butcher shop.

I patted the small bag given to me as extra and returned to the adventurers’ area.


“Oh, there he is.


“Hmm?… Good afternoon, Captain Argud.”


He called me from a little far away.

I was embarrassed to get called with a loud voice, but Captain Argud was always like that.

It is pointless to say anything.


“Ivy, I heard from the old man.
He said you’re going to Otorwa Town?”


Right, I wanted to say my thanks to him.

I’m glad we could met.


Thank you for everything you have done for me.”


I bowed deeply and said my thanks.


“I did them as I pleased….
Hey, you can live in this village just like this, you know.”


“…This village is a very nice village.
But the fortune teller who took care of me said to me ‘Look around the world and broaden your horizons.’ I also want to see more things and learn more things for a bit.”


“I see.
Seeing more things and learning more things are certainly a good thing.
I know because I have experience as an adventurer.
Speaking of which, a fortune teller?”


The fortune teller who taught me way of living.
Because that fortune teller asked me to go to the town next to the royal capital, I want to grant her wish.”


“…I see.
If it’s the wish of the fortune teller who helped you a lot, you certainly have to grant it.”


I also want to say my thanks to Vice Captain Verivela.
Do you know where he is?”


“Ah~ I think he’s busy right now.”




“He’s working…umm.”



What is it…possibly.


“He’ll scold you again, you know?”


“It’s alright, it’s not such a complicated task.”


“If that’s the case then you should…”


“Training my subordinates is also my job, you see~”


…Vice Captain Verivela, please do your best.


“Um, can you please tell him my thanks?”


“Yeah, leave it to me!”


“Thank you.”


When I was about to return to the adventurers’ area, for some reason I was taken to a stall and given 3 grilled nonoshi on skewers.

Captain Argud returned after he petted my head until my hair was messy.

Nah, saying that he ran away might be more correct.

I returned to the adventurer’s area while looking around the village leisurely.


The fortune teller taught me how to talk and interact with people.

She told me where to gather information and what kind of human behavior might be dangerous.

She said to me once, “I want you to go to the town next to the royal capital, but if you find a place you want to live in permanently, you don’t have to go.
However, you must find someone you can trust.
And then tell that person everything.”

If I can hide what I’m feeling, I want to hide it.

But then she said, “What you’re hiding now will be found out someday.
At that time, you need someone to become your ally and fight together.
Your secret may become the reason for them to lose their faith in you.”

If you ask me to tell Captain Argud everything…it’s impossible.

I know that he cares about me and I can rely on him.

But I’m scared.

I still can’t forget that gaze from my parents and the villagers.

I still can’t trust other people.

I want to take my time, but I’m also thinking about what will happen if people find out.

If villagers escape from Latomi village, they will come to this village someday.

I will get exposed then.

…I’m so weak.

I recalled the last time I met the fortune teller.

“Look around the world at your pace and broaden your horizons.
And then become stronger, you can do it slowly.
Then you surely will be happy.
But don’t be impatient because you want to be happy.
Because if you’re impatient, you’ll head to the wrong direction.
Also regarding relationships with other people, don’t be impatient.
There are people with all kinds of opinion in this world.
You should learn them slowly.
Please trust your own strength.”

Can I become stronger, too?

…I want to meet the fortune teller.

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