towards here.

However, since I picked up a lot of things, people might come if I sort them here.

I guess I should sort them after I returned to my tent.


“Sora, shall we go back?”




I lifted Sora up and hugged it tightly.

So cute~

I went back to the village feeling warm.


“Good work today.”


“I’m home.”


Soon after I greeted the gatekeeper and entered the village, I headed for the merchant guild.

The merchant guild was as crowded as before.

For the time being, let’s deposit a little more money into my account.

I entered the small room and knocked the small window twice.


Do you wish to deposit? Or withdraw?”


“Deposit, please.”


The person attending to me today seems to be a woman.

I put 6 silver coins, 30 copper slabs and my account slate on the small plate that came out from the small window and handed them to the woman behind the small window.


“Please wait for a moment.”


“Sorry to make you wait.
Please confirm the amount.”


As expected, the process was quick.

I put the returned slate on a white board in front of the small window.

It displayed today’s date and deposit amount below my previous deposit amount.

[Silver coin: 6 Copper slab: 30]

And below that, my new account balance was displayed

[Gold coin: 4 Silver slab: 1 Silver coin: 11 Copper slab: 30]


“Is the amount correct?”


Thank you.”


“Thank you for using our service.”


After the small window was closed, I checked the amount of money left in my wallet bag.

2 Silver coins 2 Gidall, 10 Copper slabs 1000 Dall, 197 Copper coins 1970 Dall, 15 Copper chips 15 Dall.

I put my money back into the purse bag and left the small room.


“I wonder where do they put the map?”


I searched around the merchant guild.

The maps were placed on a bookshelf near the counter, however there were 4 types of maps.

What’s the difference?

I tried to look at the largest one.

Looks like this map includes all places, the royal capital, towns, and even small villages.

When I opened the smallest map, it only includes the area around this village.

If I plan to go as far as the royal capital, I guess I need the largest map?

I opened the large map again to recheck.

It has detailed information on what minerals can be obtained in the forest and other information.

I don’t think I need this kind of information.

I opened the second largest map.

It resembled the largest map.

The difference is that rivers and lakes are drawn in this map.

Besides that, distance between villages and the number of days needed are also written in this map.

I think the one I need is this map.

Just in case, I checked the other two maps.

This map includes the local specialties of royal capital, towns, villages and other things.

I guess this is a map created for merchants.

The last map shows places where monsters and animals appear a lot in this village.

So there is a map like this, I didn’t know.

The map I want costs 500 dall, it is a bit expensive, but I will need it from now on.

It can’t be helped.

After I hesitated and hesitated, I bought it with 50 copper coins.

Hi! I think you all already realized that updates are less often recently? well, life happens *sobs*.
I’ll try to at least update every weekend!

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