mp you with their huge bodies, so I honestly don’t want to encounter them.

I put Sora in my bag on the way and ran as fast as I could.

I was relieved when I reached the village before it grew dark.

The gatekeeper asked me what had happened curiously, seeing me so tired like I breathed with all of my body.

I told him I wanted to return before it was dark.


“Certainly when it gets dark, nonoshi and monsters will come out, huh.
Good work today.”


I bowed slightly and headed to the adventurers’ area.

I was hungry since I ran with all my might.



Early morning when it gradually brightened up, I got out of my tent and did a light exercise.

Alright, let’s go to check the traps.

Before that, I checked the clouds.

I don’t think it will rain today.

I aired sopura skins outside the tent like yesterday.

They are drying up well, perhaps I will be able to make them into powder around tomorrow?


I headed to the forest to check the traps.


Adandara joined us on the way.

It didn’t have anything in its mouth since I requested yesterday.


But is it okay?

For Adandara to show up frequently in a place close to the people.

At the moment, there is no information about Adandara sightings circulating in the village.

But I’m worried because it came near the village everyday.


“Adandara, if people see you, you will be a target of subjugation, so please be careful.”




It brought its face closer to my head somewhat cheerfully.

What is it?

Then, it’s about time to check the traps.


I hope something got caught in them.


“Mm~ how difficult.
More than half of them are destroyed.”


3 wild rabbits and a wild mice.

I should be glad they caught some preys.

For now, I have to dissect them.

It was done in a flash because there were only 4 to dissect.

Then let’s go to the butcher shop to sell them.

I parted with Adandara and returned to the village.


“Should I go to the usual butcher shop? They won’t be doubting me, right?”


I hesitated, but headed to the usual butcher shop after all.

I’m a little nervous.


“I want to sell these, please.”


“Yes, hmm? You don’t bring a lot today.”




“The total is 385 dall.
That reminds me, isn’t nonoshi’s mating season coming soon?”


“Mating season?”


“That’s right, they turned brutal during their mating season, and they come close the village during daytime, so be careful.”


“Thank you very much.”


Mating season, huh.

That reminds me, the adventurers were saying that animals in their mating season are dangerous.

Will they also show up in the village road during daytime?

If that’s the case, then my journey will be a little dangerous.

I want a map.

The map I picked up only covers until Otorwa Town.

In addition, it has some inaccuracies, I almost got lost in the forest.

I want an accurate map.

The bookstore I visited before doesn’t have maps, but other bookstore may have them?

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