p>“Sora, good night.”



When I opened my eyes slightly, the inside of the tent was starting to get brighter.

Although it was a little too early, I faced upwards, reached my hands upwards and relaxed my body.

If I’m going to leave this village, I have to build back my alertness.

Since I started sleeping in my tent, I might have lowered my guard.


“Good morning, Sora.”


I had my meal together with Sora, then I took a tea break.

I left the tent bringing the bag filled with traps and the bag with Sora in it.

I exchanged greetings with the adventurer area’s caretaker and bowed lightly to the patrolmen.

As expected, since I had done it for so many times, I was able to greet them without getting embarrassed.

I guess this is also a development?


“Oh, Ivy, you’re so early, good morning.”


“Good morning.
Vice Captain Verivela, about yesterday’s problem, was it alright?”


I’m worried after all.

It should be alright if I just ask.


“Yeah, I made Captain deal with them.”


…What was that, he looked so refreshed.

I wonder if Captain Argud is alright?


“Um, is that so…then see you later!”


“Oh, be careful.”


I wonder if I shouldn’t have asked in the first place.

I’m worried about Captain Argud.

I walked around the forest looking for traces of wild rabbits and field mice.

I found some of their traces, but I also found traces of large animals around them.

If I set the traps there, they are highly likely to be crushed.

I couldn’t really find good spots to set them.


Ah, I sensed this presence again.

This is…

I stopped and looked around.

I waited for a while, but nothing happened.

Was that not it?




As expected!

As I turned to the direction of the voice, Adandara was there, holding something in its mouth.

Since Adandara came after I felt that invisible presence, perhaps my thinking was spot on.


“Good morning, Adandara.”




Adandara looked at me and started walking.

As I stared at it in confusion, Sora followed after Adandara.

I hurriedly followed after it as well.

After a while, we reached the river.


“What’s wrong?”



Adandara dropped the things in its mouth and nudged it towards me with its foreleg.

Wild rabbits and wild mice.


“Adandara, these are your food, right? I have received enough presents from you so you don’t have to give me any more.”


I talked to it while looking at its eyes, but Adandara once again nudged them towards me.

What should I do?

I have received more than enough present from you.

I looked at Adandara.

Its ears were flopping down.


“This time is the last.
I’ll accept them.
Thank you.”




Its ears went up and it purred.

When I petted its head, it narrowed its eyes and looked pleased.

How cute.

Well, let’s start dissecting.

Just by seeing them, I know there are a lot today as well.

Ah, about the traps…let’s dissect quickly.

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