I followed Captain Argud, and then we stopped in front of the doors lined up in a corner of the room.

He opened one of the doors and we were about to get in together.

But the inside was not spacious enough for the two of us, so I went inside and Captain explained to me with the door opened.


“We deposit and withdraw our money here.
There is a small window in front, if you knock the small window several times, it will open and someone will respond to you.
You can tell the person inside whether you want to deposit or withdraw money.
Is there anything you don’t understand up to this point?”


“…No, it’s clear enough.”


“Hmm, if you want to deposit, you hand them the money and your slate.
If you want to withdraw, say how much you want to withdraw and hand them your slate.
When they give you your slate back, do you see there is a white board in front of the small window?”


“Yes, I see.”


“If you put your slate on it, it will show the date and amount of your deposit and withdrawal.
Try putting your slate there.”




I put the slate I received before on top of the white board in front of the small window.

As I did that, today’s date and the characters for “Account opening” appeared on that white board looking thing.

Amazing, I’m getting nervous.

As I looked at the board without blinking, I heard someone laughing behind me.

When I looked behind, Captain Argud was laughing hard his shoulders shook.


Because you were looking at the board so seriously, hahaha.”


My cheeks must have turned red because I felt a little hot.

I turned towards the small window to hide my face.




Captain Argud patted my head.

Ugh, so embarrassing.


“Are you going to deposit your money now?”


Is it alright?”


“Yeah, if there’s something you don’t understand, you can ask the person inside.
If it’s difficult to ask them, you can ask me.
I’ll be right there.”


“Thank you.”


After I confirmed that Captain Argud closed the door, I knocked the small window twice.

I was nervous.

I wonder if I’m doing alright.




The small window was opened and a man responded to me.


“I, I want to deposit, please.”


“Please put your money and slate here.”


I took out 4 gold coins, 1 silver slab, and 5 silver coins from my bag.

I put my money and slate on the small plate that came out from the small window and handed them over to the man behind the small window.

My heartbeat is so loud I think you can hear it from outside.


“Thank you for waiting.
It’s completed.
Please confirm it.”




So quick!

I was surprised.

I put the returned slate on the white board.

Today’s date and deposit amount were displayed below account opening line.

[Gold coin: 4, silver slabs: 1, silver coin: 5]




I felt the way they displayed the information was different from what I had imagined, but I was not sure what was different.


“Is there any problem?”


“No, it’s alright, thank you.”


“Thank you for using our service.”


The small window shut when I was putting my slate into my bag.

When I left the small room, I laughed and said my thanks because Captain Argud looked at me full of concern.


“Thank you.
You really helped me a lot.”


“Hahaha, don’t worry about it.”


When we got out from the merchant guild, Vice Captain Verivela stood menacingly in front of Captain Argud.

What is it? Did something happen?


“Captain! Please tell where you’re going to the others.”


“Huh? I didn’t tell you?”




Vice Captain Verivela took an extremely deep sigh.


It’s my fault.”


“That’s not it.”


Another voice joined Vice Captain Verivela’s voice.

When I thought that something was odd, the caretaker of the adventurers’ area came here.
I had met him several times.

He bowed slightly and waved his hand.


“Haa, anyway Captain, please do not shove your job to your subordinate and run away.”


“I wasn’t running away.
There’s something more important than work.”


It’s my fault after all, isn’t it?

I made Captain abandoned his work.


“Captain! Please stop saying that handling nobles are bothersome, shoving that job to me and run away! That fool, excuse me.
That empty-headed nobleman bastard, they complained and complained because I’m not the captain.”


“Verivela, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.”


“Eh? Ah, that was my true feelings.
Fuu, we shall go for now.”


“What? Is it not over yet?”


They kept complaining for an hour, and since I got rather irritated, I made them sleep for a bit.”


“…Huh? What did you do?”


“Well, they must be tired.”


“No no, wait.
They are a noble.
Even though they are ‘that.’”


“It’s alright, since they are ‘that.’”


Is it alright for me to listen to this conversation?

What should I do?

Should I leave quietly?


“You two, Ivy is very troubled, you know.”




“Ah, sorry Ivy.
Seems like I have to work.”


“N, no problem.
Thank you very much for today.”


Let’s agree on this now.

I didn’t hear anything!




“I’m really sorry.
I’m stressed because of the noble’s fault.”


Vice Captain Verivela, your face is too scary!


“Good luck for your work.”


Vice Captain Verivela patted my head.

Oh, his expression softened a little.

That’s good.

I said my thanks once again, parted with them in front of the merchant guild and returned to the adventurers’ area.

Captain and Vice Captain had it rough.

Happy new year all! May this year be better than the last one…

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