Captain Argud told me a lot of things as we headed to the merchant guild.

It is an organization created to protect merchants from criminal syndicate, and it operates separately with adventurer guild.

It gradually gains more power, and now people can’t do trading business unless they register with a merchant guild in royal capital, towns, or large villages.

It gradually penetrates into small villages as well.

There is still a lot of things I don’t know, so let’s remember them properly.


The similar building next to the adventurer guild was the merchant guild.

I was surprised because I thought both of the buildings belong to adventurers guild.

Come to think of it, the signboards are different.

I didn’t notice because I thought it doesn’t concern me.


I followed Captain Argud into the merchant guild.
A lot of people were moving around inside.

As I looked around the whole room, I saw a person unrolling fabrics to show them on a counter.


“That person is explaining about what they are selling.
You need to show them what you are selling when you register to a guild.”


“So it’s like that.”


There are doors lined up in the corner, are they private rooms or something?

How amazing.


“This way, Ivy.”


I was separated from Captain Argud because I was distracted by my surroundings.

I hurriedly followed after him.


“Lugilette, I would like to open an account, please.”


“Good day, Captain Argud.
You want to open an account?”


“Not for me.
For this kid.”


“Nice to meet you, please take care of me.”


“Oh, how cute.”


He introduced me to a woman at the counter.

A beautiful woman with a gentle impression.

Lugilette-san placed a sheet of paper on the counter.


“Well then, let me explain about the account first.”




“You will receive a slate when you open an account.
You will not be charged anything if you’re opening your first account, but if you lose the slate, you will be charged 500 dall for the reissue, so please be careful not to lose it.
In addition, you will be charged 100 dall per year as account administration fee.
Do you have any question up to this point?”


So they charge 100 dall for administration fee.

I’m not so sure about it, but I have 4 gold coins with me right now.

I’m scared to carry them around…I need an account after all.


“Do I pay 100 dall for the first year here?”


“Ah, I forgot to explain that part…my apologies.
Umm, the fee is waived for the year you open your account, and you will be charged starting the following year.
Shall I open an account for you?”


“Yes, please.”


“Then, can you please fill in the necessary information? If you can’t write, I will fill it on your behalf.”


“I’m good.”


I took the form and when I looked around, there were chairs and desks prepared nearby.

I sat down and checked the form.
There were sections to fill in my birthplace, name and age, but nothing else other than those.

Phew, seemed like even I could open an account here.


“It’s okay to leave your birthplace blank, you know.”




“It’s alright.”




I filled in my name and age, and took the form to Lugilette-san at the counter.

Lugilette-san looked at Captain Argud a little curiously when she saw the form I filled in.


“This kid has a problem with his village head, he’s on runaway so he left his birthplace section blank.”


“I understand, then I will process your application.”


It was approved.

I wonder if it won’t cause any problem later?

I became worried and looked at Captain Argud.
He noticed me and gently patted my head.


“When nobles or village heads cause a problem, the villagers bear the damage.
In order to protect fleeing villagers, when the merchant guild was established, a law stating people can open an account only with their names and ages was passed.
There are quite some cases where people open an account in adventurers guild, got their location exposed and got their assets stolen by nobles.
The law is made to protect against such things.
However, to open an account, you need a guarantor.”


“A guarantor?”


“Yeah, someone who knows the present state of your village, or someone like me who is able to get some information.”


I see, Captain Argud is continuously helping me.

Even so, is Latomi Village in such a terrible state?

Since I don’t have any close friend there, I don’t really think about it, though, somehow.


“I have finished the arrangement.
Then can I have a drop of your blood here, please?”




A round transparent object was placed on a white slate.

What should I do here and how?


“Please put your finger in the recessed part.
It will hurt a little because there is a small needle inside, but please bear with it.”


Looking closely at the transparent object, there was indeed a recessed part.

I put my finger there softly and pressed against it.

It didn’t hurt that much, and soon the white slate shone, showing my name and age.


“Thank you.
This is your slate.
Shall I explain how to deposit your money and some other things?”


“That’s all right because I’ll do it.”


“Is that so? Then, thank you for your cooperation.
Thank you for using our service.”


Our conversation ended while I was surprised seeing letters on my slate.

I accepted the presented slate and bowed my head a little.

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