I returned to the village and headed to the butcher shop.

I was a little nervous thinking whether they would buy the wild pigeon.


“Excuse me.”


“Wait a minute.
Oh, it’s you, good morning.”


“Good morning.
Would you like to buy some meat today?”




I took out the meat wrapped in bana leaves from my bag and placed them before the lady.


“Oh, you got a lot today as well, huh.”


I laughed bitterly because all of them were caught by Adandara as well.

Especially there was a wild pigeon today.

How should I answer if she asked how I caught it?

The lady checked the meat slabs one by one, and grabbed the last one.


“This is a wild pigeon, right?”


But I made a little mistake during the dissection.”


“Hmm? Ah, this is fine.
This is nothing to worry about.
Huh? What about the bones?”


“The bones?”


“Ah, perhaps you didn’t know? You can also sell wild pigeons’ bones.”


“Oh, is that so? I threw them away.”


“Oh well~ it can’t be helped then.
If you catch wild pigeon again, please bring the bones as well.”


What do they use the bones for?

Do they eat it?

But when I was dissecting it, the bones were tough.

For some kind of ingredients?


“Umm, what do you use the bones for?”



“The bones, we clean them here then we sell them to the drugstore.”


“The drugstore?”


They are selling them as soup to restore your physical strength by boiling them with other medicines and ingredients.”


“Is that so.”


They could be turned into medicine.

I didn’t know.

Throwing them out was a bit of a waste.


“Yes, about the payment, 300 dall for 3 wild mice, 475 dall for 5 wild rabbits, 150 dall for a wild pigeon.
The total is 925 dall.
Is that alright?”


Thank you.”


I took the money, said my thanks and left the shop.

150 dall for a wild pigeon.

This was a big deal.


But there was no information about bird traps in my book of traps.

Too bad I won’t be able to catch them.


Then, today…right, let’s do laundry.

That and exploring the forest for a bit, to look for some necessary tree fruits.

I want to look for some sopuna fruit.

When I washed my hair, I thought that sopuna fruit cleaned the dirt on my hair.

Other than those, as expected I need to look for some food.

I have to prepare to head for Otorwa Town soon.

I checked the trees around as I headed to the river.

I wasn’t able to find sopuna tree I was looking for, but I managed to collect some food.

I finally found sopuna tree in a place near the river.

It bore a lot of fruit.




I put the sopuna fruit in my bag.

After I filled my bag with sopuna fruit to some extent, I went to the river and did my laundry.

I aired out my laundry on a nearby tree.


“Ugh, my waist hurts.”

T/N: she sounds like an old lady here.


I searched for any presence around me and confirmed that there wasn’t any monster, animal, or people.

I wet my hair, crushed one sopuna fruit in my hand and rubbed my hands together.

I washed my hair after making some bubbles.

I washed off the bubbles with water from the river several times and dried my hair with a towel.


“My hair has grown a little, maybe I’ll cut it later.”




Sora, who was doing vertical movement next to me, looked somewhat in a good mood.

These days, Sora did vertical movement much more than stretching horizontally.

I feel like it has some kind of meaning, but I don’t understand what Sora is doing.

Fuu~, my hair has dried to some extent, so I’ll take my clothes and go back.

Alright, let’s make some traps after we get back home.




I bowed to the gatekeeper and entered the village.


“Ah, wait a second.
You are Ivy, right?”




“Would you mind going together with me a little?”


“What is the matter?”


“Captain told me to guide you to the station if I see you, because the reward money has been decided.
If you have something to do, we can go there after you finish, how does that sound?”


“We can go now.”


I completely forgot about the reward money.

When I went with the gatekeeper, he guided me towards a slightly large building.

When I looked around the village, I thought this was a strange building.

It has several gates, not a house, and not a shop as well.

It’s also different from a guild, I didn’t know what building this is.


“Here it is.
Many thanks~, Captain.”


When I get inside, I saw a lot of people coming and leaving.

Were the people who went out in groups the patrolmen?

When I looked inside the building, there seemed to be rooms inside because I could see several doors.


“Good morning, Ivy.
Sorry to call you here.”


“Good morning, Captain Argud.
It’s alright.”



Other than that, the people here were looking at me somewhat warmly or softly.

I felt impatient and couldn’t calm down.


“Follow me.”




If only I can leave this place!

I hurriedly followed Captain Argud going into a room.

There were simple desk and shelf inside.

There were a lot off stuffs crammed densely in the shelf.

I sat down on the offered chair, then Captain Argud prepared tea for me.


“Thank you.”


I was relieved to have some warm tea.


“It’s about the reward money.”




“It’s decided to be 2 ladall and 3 gidall.”





I thought he said it would be less than monster information reward.

2 ladall is gold coin, right.

What does this mean?

Merry Christmas to you all!

Also, we hit chapter 50, and somehow still have 500 chapters to go *sweats*

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