When I did my morning stretching, Sora was bouncing next to me.

After I prepared Sora’s morning potions, I boiled some water in the simple kitchen.

I brought the boiling water to the tent, made some tea and put the remaining water in a slightly large bucket.

I dip a towel into the hot water, wrought it and wiped my body.

I was glad I could use hot water in the adventurers’ area.

I couldn’t really boil water during my journey.

I usually wipe my body with cold water, but it will be tough when cold season comes.

It’s alright now because summer is coming, but I need to save more money for winter.

It’s hard to hunt for field mice and wild rabbits in winter.

I had saved up more money than what I planned because I got monster information reward, but I still need more money.


“Fu~, so refreshing.”


I wore fresh clothes and put the worn ones in a bag dedicated for dirty stuffs.


I have to do laundry again when I have time.

I thought about today’s plans while eating tree fruits.

Umm, I need to check the field mice traps today.

Ah~ I ate too much yesterday and couldn’t make any trap.

My body was so heavy I didn’t want to move.

It was the first time I’ve fallen to such a condition.

I should have finished only 2 skewers and saved one skewer for today’s dinner.

I took a short break to drink some tea.


“Yeah! Sora, let’s do our best today as well.”


I put the bag dedicated for dirty stuffs in my magic bag and went to check my field mice traps.

When I held out the bag dedicated for Sora and called its name, it leaped towards my feet.

I put Sora in the bag and left the tent.

I dumped the used hot water into a drain; put the bucket inside my tent and locked the tent.

After I checked if I forgot to bring anything, I headed to the forest.


I made my way to the forest; greeting the caretaker, patrolmen and gatekeepers along the way.

I got nervous every time I greeted them, but I wasn’t so afraid anymore.

But I still got embarrassed.


When I entered the forest, I sensed the strange presence again.

I searched around, but I found nothing.


“I wonder what is it? Sora, do you know?”




Does Sora know?

I wonder if it’s alright because Sora reacted like that?

Even if I doubted it, I didn’t have any way to search because the presence had disappeared.

Let’s go and check the field mice traps for the time being.


“Ah~ no good.
The traps are crushed.”


Were they crushed by some kind of animals?

The traps were crushed.

Let’s go to check the other trap.

The probability of traps being crushed in this forest is high, huh.

That reminds me, they said something about animals called Nonoshi.


Ah, the delicious meat from yesterday.

They called Nonoshi a specialty, so I guess there are a lot of them in this forest?


“Ah, this one as well.”


I checked one field mice trap and one wild rabbit trap I set up a few days ago, but both of them were crushed.

Too bad.

I’ll just do my laundry, then go back to the adventurers’ area and make some more traps.

If I set up a lot of traps, I wonder if I will be able to catch some.

When I was about to take out my laundry from the bag as I approached the river, I sensed a presence behind me.

When I turned around, I saw the same scene as yesterday.

Adandara held something in its mouth.

I patted its head as it approached me and growled.

What is it?

I felt an emotional attachment.

Is it alright?

Adandara put down the things it was holding in its mouth after it was content being patted.



Seems that there were some other things than wild rabbits today.

There were 5 wild rabbits and 3 field mice.

And a bird?


“Is this a wild pigeon?”


I recognized it because it was mentioned in my book.

When I looked at Adandara, it moved its foreleg towards me.

Mm, well let’s accept them.


“Thank you.”


It growled and rubbed its face to my head.

Its face was a bit scary, but cute.

When I hugged it tightly, it was nice and warm.

…No good.


I have to finish dissecting them quickly.

I let go of Adandara and started dissecting.

I wrapped the dissected wild rabbits and field mice meat in bana leaves and put them in my bag.

Finally, the wild pigeon.

That was the first time I dissected a bird; I was dissecting it nervously.




My first wild pigeon dissection.

I did a little mistake but….

If I can’t sell it, I will just eat it myself.

I wrapped the wild pigeon meat in bana leaves and put it in my bag.




When I turned around to look for Sora, I saw Sora and Adandara sleeping.


They are sleeping so comfortably…no good, I have to hurry up.


“Sora, wake up~.
We are going to sell the meat.”


Adandara woke up and tipped Sora over.

Sora was swaying, a little discontent at being tipped over.


“Thank you for both yesterday and today.
Don’t push yourself too hard.”


Adandara growled and ran away dashingly.

Its running figure looked so cool after all.

When I looked at Sora, it was doing vertical movement again.


“I wonder what kind of movement that is?”




Yeah, I don’t understand.

Let’s go back to the village to sell the meat for now.


T/N: Ooohhhh a mention about hygiene.

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