The fortune teller lady came to see me several times after that.

She talked to me and gave me degraded potions.

She even shared her food with me.


During the time, my circumstance is getting worse and worse.

Around one year after that judgement day, I could no longer enter my bedroom.

I threw a cup on the desk at my mother while crying miserably.

After that, my father beat me multiple times, and I experienced a pain I had never felt before.

My mother didn’t stop my father.


The degraded potions were useful.

I was sad because the scars on my body increased a lot, but I shed no tear.


As I began to live hidden in the forest, I realized something strange.

Since I didn’t want to see any people, I polished my hiding skill.

I absolutely polished that skill so I don’t get found.


In the meantime, I read the books and drilled them in my head over and over again.

Edible tree fruits, poisonous plants, medicinal herbs.

I remembered each of their characteristics and became able to tell them apart.

With this, living in the forest will be somehow a little safer.

I also remembered the time when I suffered because I ate poisonous plants by mistake.


Other than these two books, there is also a book on how to catch prey by using traps.

I learned and put out the traps that even I can make.

I failed for many times, but I was finally able to catch a prey.

When I was dissecting the body, I felt like I heard my previous self screaming, maybe just my imagination.

I was a little excited to see meat after a long time.


Three years.

I think I’ve built considerable stamina.

I became able to run in the forest for a long time.

My chance of catching small preys also had increased.

I also became able to use medicinal herbs to treat my wounds.

Life in the forest is going well.



Because I was worried about something, after a long time I left the forest and went to the village settlement.

People look surprised to see me…perhaps they think I’m already dead.

How can I be dead?


What worried me was the fortune teller.

She had been coming to see me every two weeks, but I hadn’t see her for about a month.

I wondered if something happened?

There was no one in the fortune teller’s house.

I was worried about what happened to her.


I heard a whisper behind me.

As I listened carefully, a faint voice could be heard.

What they said made my chest hurt as if it is squeezed tightly.

…I ran away from the spot and escaped to the forest.



The fortune teller had passed away.

I heard that her cold was getting worse and worse.

It seems that she could be cured with the village head’s potion.

But…but the village head refused to cure her with his potion.

It seems that I am the cause.

It seems the village saw the kind fortune teller as a nuisance.

I didn’t know.

It’s my fault…


I returned to my hiding place.

I don’t feel like doing anything.

I was sad, but for some reason no tear came out.

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