ute, right.”


“Eh? Huh? Eh?”


Illegitimate child?



“Haa, I just told you not to cause trouble for the kid.”


“Oh, sorry.
This is Ivy, an adventurer.”


“Um, nice to meet you.”


“This is Tegra, the madam of this grilled Nonoshi skewers’ stall.”


“What a cute adventurer.”


“Madam, please give me 10 skewers.”


“Okey dokey.”


I saw Madam Tegra set the skewered Nonoshi on a net and grilled them.

…They’re huge.


“They are so huge.”


“Are they? You can eat 10 of them, right?”


“Ah! It’s impossible.
I can’t.”


“…Impossible? Then how many can you eat?”




I looked at the Nonoshi being grilled.

One skewer had two slices of meat, each one as big as my fist.

No matter how I looked at it, 2 or 3 are my limit.


“I can eat 2 or 3.”


“Hey, isn’t that too few!”


“But the meat slices are huge.”


In the end, I think my limit is 3 skewers.

Even that was too much.

When the meat was grilled, black sauce was spread upon them.

The sauce was scorched by fire and oozed an appetizing aroma.

It looked delicious.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the meat.


“Although the kid is an adventurer, he’s still a kid; eating 10 is impossible, you know.”


“Is that so? The one from before ate more than 10.”


“Please consider the difference in their physiques.”


“Captain, what to do? They are grilled already.”


“Hahaha, please divide them into 7 and 3 skewers, Madam.”




The grilled meat was wrapped in leaves I had never seen before.

I wonder what kind of leaves were they?

Madam Tegra handed 3 and 7 wrapped meat to Captain Argud.




Captain Argud handed me 3 wrapped meat.


“Thank you.”


“I said it’s alright, I have caused some trouble for you.”


“Well, you certainly did.”


Chairs and tables were also set up in the place where stalls lined up.

When we were heading there, Captain Argud and Vice Captain Verivela were called by their comrades.

Apparently there were some problem.


“Ivy, I’m sorry.
I have got a job to do.”


“It’s alright.”


“Ah…It’s dangerous for you to be alone.”


“Um, I’ll go back to the adventurers’ area to eat.”


“Are you going to be alright?”


Good luck with your job.”


“What a good kid~”


He patted my head over and over again.

My hair must have gone wild.


Let’s go.”


“Well, see you again later.”


See you again later.”


Vice Captain Verivela only listened to our conversation.
Must be nice to be a spectator.

As I walked to the adventurers’ area, delicious aroma seeped out from the meat in my hand.

I walked a bit faster to the adventurers’ area.

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