“Welcome home, Ivy.”


“Ah, I’m home.”


I was distracted by other things, and was startled at Vice Captain Verivela’s greeting.


“Um, do you know where Captain Argud is?”


“Do you have any business with the Captain?”


“Rather than a business, I met a man called Gunsbell-san in the dumpster; that gentleman said the Captain mentioned about me.
I thought that he was talking about Captain Argud.”


“Ah, my bad, so it has spread everywhere, huh.
Captain told his comrades to give assistance if an adventurer called Ivy is caught in trouble.”




“He said you are working hard alone although you are so tiny, so he told them to please take care of you.”




Wh, what was that, so embarrassing.

My face felt so hot, perhaps it was boiling red.

Vice Captain Verivela was stifling his laugh looking at me.

I couldn’t hide my embarrassment, though….


“I’m sorry, it had more or less stopped though.
Kukuku, when I realized, the story has spread everywhere.
Hahaha, Captain is not a bad guy, just no one can stop him once he focused his mind.


Seemed like his self-control ran out in the end.

Was it Captain Argud’s fault that the gatekeepers and patrolmen always observed me?

Captain Argud…is not a bad guy though!


“I’m really sorry.”


“No, it’s really alright.”


I bowed to Vice Captain Verivela and entered the village.

Until I arrived at the adventurers’ area, some people called my name and greeted me.

My face grew hot each time.

Perhaps it’s going to be like this all the time I’m staying in this village?

Ugh~ I’m so embarrassed.

When I arrived at the adventurers’ area, the caretaker called my name.

…Captain Argud, how far did you talk about me?

I got into my tent and tumbled down.

I felt like I had taken an unimaginable damage.

I took Sora out from the bag and lined up 10 red potions and 10 blue potions.

After I confirmed that Sora had started eating, I got out from the tent.

I tied a rope on a nearby tree and aired out my wet clothes.

When I returned to my tent, Sora was bouncing while eating joyfully.

Sora was bouncing a little bit stronger when I entered the tent.

I took out the things I picked up from my bags, then checked and sorted them out.

After I put all the things in their designated bags, I watched Sora’s condition after it finished eating.

As expected, bubbles still formed in Sora’s body.

Hmm…I also noticed that the red parts in Sora’s body had increased.

I know, let’s go to a bookstore.

I know they won’t have anything about Sora, but if they have books about slimes, I might be able to understand something.


“Sora, let’s go to the bookstore!”


Sora who was stretching vertically as if exercising after a meal, leaped towards me.

But it leaped too high, hit the tent ceiling and fell down hard.


“…Are you all right?”


Sora’s eyes were filled with tears.

…I was able to discover Sora’s new expression, but I wasn’t happy.


“…It must hurt, huh.”


I patted Sora and put it inside the bag.

I had never heard that a slime could cry, though.

What should I do if Sora turned out to something quite different from a slime….


I looked at my bag.

Hahaha, no way.


When I got out from the adventurers’ area and walked along the main street, some people greeted me.


One of them asked me where I was going, and I answered to a bookstore; they introduced to me a lot of famous bookstores.

When I entered the bookstore, I was troubled because it was quite different from what I had imagined.

I imagined there would be books lined up on shelves.

Certainly, there were shelves, but several volumes of books were stacked up vertically.

How strange, why did I imagined books closely lined up in shelves?

I picked a book from a nearby shelf and checked the contents.

It seemed to be a book about weapon varieties.


I returned it to the shelf and checked other books one by one.

I managed to find a book titled ‘Beginner Tamer’, so I checked its contents.




It seemed like a book made for tamers with one star.

It only mentioned names of monsters they could tame and their strength ranking.

Is there any book with more detailed explanation?

I searched for books about slime, but I didn’t find any.

Or I should say I couldn’t find any book like the ones the fortune teller gave to me.

They surely have books about traps, but only traps to catch high-ranked monsters.

Moreover, it was only a small explanation book.

While I was searching for books, a lot customers came, they purchased books and went home.

I checked all of the books, but none of them had any detailed content.

Were all the people here satisfied with this kind of information?

I gave up and left the bookstore.


“Oh, found you!”


“Eh, ah, Captain Argud.”


I was shocked for being called suddenly; turned out it was Captain Argud.

He looked somewhat flustered though.


“What is the matter?”




Eh, eeh~!

Captain Argud bowed down to me in front of the bookstore; what happened! What is this!


“Haa~ that’s why I said to mind your surroundings!”


Vice Captain Verivela came here immediately and raised Captain Argud’s head.

I didn’t understand what was going on, but…we kind of stood out.


“Uh, welp.
You said the kid is angry.”




What is this about?

Am I mad at Captain Argud?


“Not that! I said the kid was troubled because you told your comrades about him!”


“Huh? Is that so?”


I see.

…Captain Argud was behaving recklessly.

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