o high, hit the tent ceiling and fell down hard.


“…Are you all right?”


Sora’s eyes were filled with tears.

…I was able to discover Sora’s new expression, but I wasn’t happy.


“…It must hurt, huh.”


I patted Sora and put it inside the bag.

I had never heard that a slime could cry, though.

What should I do if Sora turned out to something quite different from a slime….


I looked at my bag.

Hahaha, no way.


When I got out from the adventurers’ area and walked along the main street, some people greeted me.


One of them asked me where I was going, and I answered to a bookstore; they introduced to me a lot of famous bookstores.

When I entered the bookstore, I was troubled because it was quite different from what I had imagined.

I imagined there would be books lined up on shelves.

Certainly, there were shelves, but several volumes of books were stacked up vertically.

How strange, why did I imagined books closely lined up in shelves?

I picked a book from a nearby shelf and checked the contents.

It seemed to be a book about weapon varieties.


I returned it to the shelf and checked other books one by one.

I managed to find a book titled ‘Beginner Tamer’, so I checked its contents.




It seemed like a book made for tamers with one star.

It only mentioned names of monsters they could tame and their strength ranking.

Is there any book with more detailed explanation?

I searched for books about slime, but I didn’t find any.

Or I should say I couldn’t find any book like the ones the fortune teller gave to me.

They surely have books about traps, but only traps to catch high-ranked monsters.

Moreover, it was only a small explanation book.

While I was searching for books, a lot customers came, they purchased books and went home.

I checked all of the books, but none of them had any detailed content.

Were all the people here satisfied with this kind of information?

I gave up and left the bookstore.


“Oh, found you!”


“Eh, ah, Captain Argud.”


I was shocked for being called suddenly; turned out it was Captain Argud.

He looked somewhat flustered though.


“What is the matter?”




Eh, eeh~!

Captain Argud bowed down to me in front of the bookstore; what happened! What is this!


“Haa~ that’s why I said to mind your surroundings!”


Vice Captain Verivela came here immediately and raised Captain Argud’s head.

I didn’t understand what was going on, but…we kind of stood out.


“Uh, welp.
You said the kid is angry.”




What is this about?

Am I mad at Captain Argud?


“Not that! I said the kid was troubled because you told your comrades about him!”


“Huh? Is that so?”


I see.

…Captain Argud was behaving recklessly.

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