I woke Sora up to return to the village.

It seemed to be sound asleep, so it didn’t respond very well.

I want to act more carefully since we are in the middle of a forest.


“Sora, let’s go back to the village because I want to sell the wild rabbits.”




Sora finally woke up.

It drifted away from Adandara and bounced here.

Adandara looked like it was stretching and relaxing its muscles.

I’m sorry Sora did that to you.


“Umm, thank you for giving me a lot of meat.”


I thanked Adandara, who looked at me straight in the eyes and waved my hands.

Adandara growled, and quickly ran away like yesterday.

It was as fast as ever.

Since I was concerned about the freshness of the meat, I quickly returned to the village.

Sora was bouncing joyfully next to me.

Come to think of it, Sora’s movement speed had gotten faster.

It also had jumping power

When I looked at Sora, it was rolling around, stuck near the tree where it landed.

It had not improved in clumsiness department, huh.

I put Sora in the bag because we were approaching the village.

I have to look up about slimes soon.

When I greeted the gatekeeper, for some reason he welcomed me with a huge smile.

I was a little confused, but because I wanted to sell the meat quickly, I was going to head for the butcher’s store.


“Excuse me.”


“Oh, the one from before.”


The old lady who told me about wild rabbits came out from inside the store.

A slightly scary man came out following her.

I was a bit scared and trembled a little.


“Ahaha, it’s alright.
He’s my husband.”


“Ah, excuse me.
I would like to sell wild rabbits’ meat.”


“That’s alright, may I take a look?”




I placed all of the wild rabbits’ meat on the table in front of the old lady.


“Wow, you managed to get this much.”


I smiled a little bitterly because I got most of the meat from Adandara.


“These are good.
Because the meat is thick enough, they would be great for making dried meat.”


I was relieved.

I was a little worried because that was the first time I dissected wild rabbits.

They were similar to field mice, but it took longer time than field mice because their meat is thicker.


“Yes, there is no problem.
A total of 9 wild rabbits.
I pay 95 dall for one so the total is 855 dall, is that alright?”


“That’s alright.
Thank you.”


So one field mouse was worth around 100 dall, and one wild rabbit was worth 95 dall.

They said wild rabbits were easier to hunt but…I think hunting wild mice was easier for me.

The ones I sold today was given by Adandara.

I wonder if it’s more efficient to just hunt for wild mice?

After I received my payment and left the butcher’s store, I headed towards the forest immediately.

To set up some wild mice traps.

Because I found some good spots when I set up wild rabbits traps, it shouldn’t take a lot of time today.

Finding good spots for setting up the traps took more time than setting up the traps itself.

At the entrance gate, I met the forest patrolmen who had finished their round.


“See you, and be careful.”


“Eh, yes.”


They greeted me for some reason.

The gatekeeper also waved to me.

What was it since before?

I headed to the forest as I pondered about it.

After I finished setting up traps in the spots I found, I went to the river.

To get some tree fruits and wash my clothes.

Since there was a lot of wild rabbits to dissect, I was a little behind my schedule.

After I finished washing my clothes in the river away from the place I dissected the rabbits, I searched for some tree fruits while waiting for my clothes to dry a bit.

Whenever I approached a tree, I made sure to look at Sora’s condition.

It’s enough to get attacked once.

I found my favorite sweet and sour fruit!

I’m so happy for this.

I also managed to get some highly nutritious fruit.

I put my wet clothes into a basket.

It should be alright to dry them in the adventurers’ area later.

Next, I hurriedly headed to the dumpster.

When I arrived at the dumpster, the amount of trash had increased compared to what I saw before.

They would have to pay someone to process all this trash someday.

It’s tough, huh.

I was about to search for Sora’s potions, but there were so many potions dumped that I didn’t have to look for them.

I picked them up randomly and put them in my bag.

Next, I searched for materials for making traps.

How much materials do I need for making wild rabbits traps?

For now, I guess making 10 is enough? Just like wild mice traps.

And later…ah, somebody’s coming.

Sora was doing its vertical movement nearby.
I hurriedly put Sora in my bag.

Just in time I left the dumpster, the patrolmen noticed me.


“Ah! Is this kid the Ivy mentioned by the Captain?”



Who are these gentlemen?


Um, may I ask who are you?”


“Ah, my name is Gunsbell.
We should have met when I was guarding the gate.”


I looked at his face carefully, but I couldn’t remember him.


“I’m sorry.”


“Nah, it’s alright.
There are a lot of people there.”


“Why are you teasing a kid?”


“You’re so cruel, Senpai.
I’m not teasing the kid.”


“Uh, yeah.”


Hey, let’s go patrol.
Ivy, you too be careful.”


“Uh, yes.
Thank you.”


The two of them seemed to be patrolling together; they went into the forest after checking the dumpster.

…I wonder why they knew my name.

When they said “mentioned by the Captain”, did they mean Captain Argud mentioned my name?

For the time being, let’s pick up only the necessary stuffs and go back to the village.

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