I put the wild rabbit into a basket I prepared beforehand, and then I moved to the place where I set up the next trap.

Since I set up the last trap near the river, I could dissect the wild rabbit easily.

The last trap was in the same condition as when I set it up.


“I guess I got one?”


If I set up more traps, I wonder if I could get more wild rabbits?

I brought the basket containing a wild rabbit and headed to the river.

While I was preparing to dissect the wild rabbit on the riverside, I looked around to see if there was any fruit bearing trees.

I was able to find several kinds of tree fruits in a place near the river.

I began dissecting while thinking to harvest the fruits later.

When I was in the middle of dissection, I felt a presence behind me.

As I turned around in panic, the monster from before approached me with something in its mouth.

I compared Adandara’s special traits with the monster in front of me.
I had read the book all over again and memorized its special traits.

This monster was Adandara after all.

Huge claws, eye color, pattern on its tail…it was an Adandara, which was said to bring upon death.

I could hear Adandara growling as it approached me.

I washed my hands quickly; petted its head and it closed its eyes in bliss.

Were the things written in the book a lie?

It wasn’t scary at all.

Adandara took a step backward and dropped the things in its mouth to the ground.

I thought I was seeing wrong, but there were a lot of wild rabbits.

They seemed to be alive because they still moved slightly.

When I was staring at the wild rabbits, Adandara nudged them towards me with its foreleg.



“Are you giving them to me?”


It growled a little louder.

As I was puzzled, it pushed the wild rabbits towards me with the tip of its nose.

I guess I should accept them, Adandara gave them for me anyway.


“Thank you.”


I was so grateful it gave me 8 wild rabbits.

Even so, all 8 of them fainted but were uninjured.

How did it catch them?


“Let’s dissect them for now!”


When I looked at Sora, Adandara was poking Sora with its foreleg.

Sora was rolling around as it was poked.

I was about to stop them, but Sora appeared to enjoy it, so I decided to observe a little longer.

Sora rolled back to Adandara’s place and bounced.

Then, Adandara poked Sora and Sora rolled again.

They repeated this action again and again.

…Is that fun?



Ah, more importantly, I have to dismantle these rabbits first.

If I want to sell these, I have to preserve its freshness.


“Fuu~! I’m done!”


After I finished dissecting them, I wrapped every two pieces of meat in one bana leaf, then put them in my bag.

I’m tired~

When I looked for Sora, it was sleeping on Adandara’s belly.

…Well, there’s no problem whatsoever.

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