on, thinking that they would say something to me, but they were checking around the forest.

Something felt different from the usual.

I wonder what happened?


“There is no problem.”


“Is there some kind of problem?”


“We got an information that an unfamiliar monster was sighted around here, so we came to confirm.”


“Did you see anything?”


An unfamiliar monster?

Was it the Adandara lookalike monster from before?


“No, I didn’t.”


“I see, the information said it was rampaging.”



Apparently they were talking about a different monster.

That reminds me, it was almost dead before Sora healed it.

Was the monster that caused its wounds around here?

I looked around in a hurry.


“Hahaha, it’s alright.
The information said the monster is around here, but apparently it has moved away.”


“Yeah, it’s not here anymore.”


“Oi, bloodstain here.”


Ah, that was the monster’s bloodstain.

What should I do?


“Did you see any injured animal or monster when you came here?”


“No, I didn’t.”


Ugh, I’m sorry.

It’s bad for my heart.


“Do you think it brought its prey to a safe place?”


“It is highly probable.”


“But there is a good deal of bloodstain.
Its prey should be a big monster or animal.
Did it take its prey away?”


“Surely it is a top-ranked monster, huh.”


“I wish it only came here by chance to chase after its prey.”


There was only that Adandara lookalike monster, though.

Did it came here to escape because it was chased?

Or otherwise was it hunting something?

I felt strength had returned to my body…I think I can stand up now.


“Thank you.
I am going back to the village.”


I stood up and bowed once.

When I listened to their story here, my heart was tingling.

The patrolmen were going to investigate this area a little more.

It should be fine because that monster must have gone quite far, right.

I walked towards the village.

Even so, why did Sora help that monster?

During the tree monster incident, Sora let me know about the danger.

Did Sora help that Adandara lookalike monster because it knew the monster would not attack me?

…It couldn’t be saying that it likes injuries, right?

I looked at the bag containing Sora.

I didn’t really understand, but I would let Sora do what it wants.

It might mean something anyway.

It might also mean nothing though…

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