I thought it was an animal, but since I sensed magic power, apparently it was a monster.

It was weak enough so I didn’t notice its magic power until I got closer.

Sora, unmoved by the threat at all, wrapped up the wounded monster’s body.


Wrapped it up?


“Sora! This is, uh, ah, no! Fuu, okay!…you really can wrap things that big, huh?”


For the time being, I tried to express the question that came to my mind.

The monster in front of us appeared to be more than 2 meters in size.

I didn’t think Sora would be able to wrap it completely.

But Sora completely wrapped the monster.

To be honest, even though I didn’t think this was the right time to be concerned, I calmed down a little after I asked.

The wounded monster also seemed to be a little confused by Sora’s action, but it calmed down after a while.

Perhaps its pain had faded away.

I wonder if it noticed Sora’s healing?

Or did it gave up, thinking that it was being eaten like I did before?

I heard whooshing sound from Sora’s direction.

I didn’t know if Sora was healing or eating it, but either way I could only wait.

Does Sora like life-threatening wounds…I don’t really want to think about that.

Since I didn’t know what to say at a situation like this, I just paid attention towards presence around me.

…But even there was any presence approaching, I couldn’t run away.

Besides, what kind of monster was it?

After a while, Sora leaped towards my feet.


“Are you done?”




Sora changed its sound a little.

However, it was still a relaxing sound.

I looked towards the monster Sora released…it looked tough.

I had seen it in my book, perhaps it was called Adandara.

I heard one would die if one encounter Adandara in the forest.

The Adandara stood up and stretched its body.

Can I escape?

As I moved my feet a little, the Adandara immediately looked at me.

Ugh, what should I do…Sora~.




I shut my eyes tightly when I heard the Andandara growled and approached me.

It was too scary.

The Adandara sniffed me for a while and nuzzled my head with its face.
What was it thinking?




When I opened my eyes, it was nuzzling my head with its face while growling.

Did it had a wrong idea that I was the one helping?

That I ordered Sora to help?

So that’s why it didn’t attack me?

Either way I think we are safe for now.

I’m glad~

Feeling relieved, I lost the strength in my legs and plopped down on the spot.

Sora was playfully jumping up and down and stretching vertically.



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