’ conversation, I grew more confused and I didn’t know what to do.

What should I do if the caretaker believed what they say?


“There’s no way this brat can afford this tent, right? It’s just common sense.”


“Is that all?”


“That’s all? I think that’s enough!”


“Indeed~ Please get to work.”


“Indeed, indeed.”


They even spoke badly about the caretaker.

It’s frustrating.

…Should I give up my tent?


“This tent belongs to this kid.”






“What did you say! I said that kid stole it!”


“Where did you buy the tent?”


“In Baki’s store.”


“They only deal with brand new goods, right.”


“Yeah, what about it?”


“Since this tent is secondhand, it’s not what you guys are looking for.”


“That can’t be! That tent is brand new! Don’t mess with me!”


“I’m sure this tent is a secondhand one from old man Lag’s store.”


Old man Lag’s store?

Is he talking about that old man?

But why did he know about that?


“By the way, Captain Argud and Vice Captain Verivela introduced the store to this kid.”




So they were the captain and vice captain?

That reminds me, I completely forgot to introduce myself at that time.


“I’ll ask you once again.
Is it true that your tent was stolen?”


“Uh, no.
I guess it’s a misunderstanding?”


“You guys, I want to ask for some details, so I’d like you to come with me.”


“N, no.
We are mistaken.
It’s alright now.”


“Too bad, I have a lot of questions to ask.
I won’t go easy on you if you run away though?”


The caretaker’s comrades appeared as if surrounding the adventurers.

They tried to escape, but were soon caught and taken away.


“Um, thank you very much.”


“Nah, sorry.
I came here a little bit late.”


“No, no.
I was saved thanks to you.
Um… how do you know this is my tent?”


“I saw you guys entering the old man’s store.
After that I met the captain, and he asked me about you.”




He was concerned whether you can set up the tent by yourself.”


So he was concerned about me…I’m somewhat a little embarrassed.

Let’s thank him once again when we see each other next time.


“Are you hurt?”


I’m all right.”


“I see.
That’s good.”


After I saw the caretaker off to return to his work, I took another break.

My body still trembled a little due to the earlier incident.

I slowly drank a cup of tea and took deep breaths.

Haa~ I was glad the caretaker helped me.

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