To be honest, I was surprised when I heard about Latomi Village’s head.

I’m sure the village head was changed on the year I was born.

I think the reason was because the previous village head suddenly passed away due to illness.


“Um, thank you very much for telling me all of this.”


“You’re welcome, you’re welcome.
Are you an adventurer now?”




“You have it hard even though you’re so young.
I know, you can have this.”


The old man brought 2 zaro from inside the store.


“They are too ripe, I can’t sell them anyway.”


“Thank you.”


When I received the zaro, sweet and sour aroma filled the air.

That place was nostalgic even though I had no good memory of it except about the fortune teller.

I bowed to the 2 people from the store and returned to the adventurers’ area.


That reminds me, the village which had its head arrested for embezzlement had became a deserted village.
I wonder if Latomi Village became like that as well?

In the first place, I thought the village would not survive if income from zaro decreased.

At any rate, I thought that the village head who was arrested for embezzlement and caused trouble for the villagers was a cruel person.
But I couldn’t believe that the head of my village was even worse.

But I was glad to understand in detail about what had happened in Latomi Village.

Let’s say that I ran away from Latomi Village from now onwards.

It was the true fact anyway.


I returned to the adventurers’ area, showed my permit board and went inside.

The caretaker on guard had changed again.

I wonder how many security groups this village have?

How amazing.

I tidied up the luggage I used for reserving my space.

To make space so I could set up my tent.

I somehow grinned as I took out the tent I just bought.

I couldn’t even imagine it when I ran away from the village.

That I could buy a tent with the money I earned myself.

It was like a dream.

I patted the tent a little and switched my feelings.

As expected, it was nice to be able to easily set up the tent by myself in the blink of an eye.

I nailed the stakes to the ground, secured them and the tent was set up.

After I took off my shoes, got inside the tent and placed my luggage; I quickly closed the doorway and took Sora out of the bag.

Sora looked around and jumped up and down.

Apparently it was happy.


“Sora, please be silent here.”



Sora stretched vertically and trembled hearing my words.

It should be fine, isn’t it.


“At any rate this is a good tent, right.”


I put a rug on the flooring and sat down.

Because the tent’s flooring was thick, it felt rather nice to sit on.

Furthermore, I was glad I didn’t have to worry about people’s gaze.

Since I didn’t have anything to do anyway, although it was a bit early, I’m going to have my meal; prepare for tomorrow and go to bed.

Yeah, I want to fully enjoy my tent!

I also wanted to prepare some traps.

Let’s do that.


I took out 20 bottles of potion and lined them up in front of Sora.

I nibbled on dried meat while watching the potions turned into bubbles and disappeared.


Today’s menu was dried meat of wild rabbits.

Because its meat was thicker than field mice’s, it was more filling.

About the taste, I thought field mice’s meat had more flavor.

This wild rabbits’ meat was tasty enough, though.

After I finished my dried meat, it was time for zaro.

I finished 2 zaro while fully enjoying its sweet and sour aroma after a long time.


“Phew~ it was delicious.
Sora, shall we go hunting tomorrow?”


As Sora glanced at me, it bounced and resumed eating its meal.

I took a book out from my bag and checked about traps for wild rabbits.

Since it was relatively easy to set up, I thought even I could make it.

In addition, I could hunt safely because the trap was an installation type.

I tried to check about the materials, but I should be able to make it with the things I had now.

If I could make some traps today, I would be able to set them up tomorrow.

I wanted some income since I just bought a tent.

I will do my best to hunt wild rabbits and earn some money.


After it finished eating, Sora bounced onto the top of my bag and closed its eyes.


Even though it had finished eating, bubbles formed inside its body.

I stared in bewilderment, and calmed down after a while.

What was that?

Even though usually bubbles only formed when Sora was eating.

When I poked it, Sora opened its eyes and stared at me.


“Are you all right?”


Sora seemed to be showing off that it was healthy by stretching and shrinking vertically.

I was surprised at this new movement, but Sora seemed alright.

Did I give Sora too much food?

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