nd began to speak in a quiet voice.


“My fortune telling is predicting the future.

Because it’s only one star, we can only see a little into the future.

When I was in front of you, I could see that something caused you to be in this situation.

But I couldn’t see what the cause was.”


“…Is that so.”


There are a lot of things to think about, but it’s not the fortune teller’s fault.

I think my current situation…is inevitable in this world.

My previous soul said, people who can’t appreciate things will be eliminated in any place.

I can appreciate things a little, though I’m not satisfied.


“A present for you.”


She handed me a bag.

I was confused, but I took it and looked at the inside.

It has a lot of things despite its appearance.



“It’s a degraded version of a magic bag.

I put a lot of things in it.

I’m sure you will need those things from now on.”


I turned the bag upside down.

A lot of things really came out.

There are several books, about how to recognize edible things and about poisonous plants.

Potions…there are several bottles, but they are all in different colors.

A somewhat small knife.


I looked at the fortune teller.


“Since degraded stuffs are thrown away, we can obtain them easily.

Standard Magic Bags have a time stop function attached, but we need money to obtain them.

Potions as well, the ones in the bag are the degraded version.

They are not very effective, but standard potions are quite expensive, so a kid won’t be able to buy them, right.

…Even if they are degraded version, I think you will need them to live by yourself.”


I think this person is a kind person.

Even if I don’t do well, that isn’t really a problem for her.

But even so, she teaches me how to live.


“Thank you.”

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