It was Latomi Village’s local specialty.

The fruit was called zaro; I heard they were highly nutritious and popular in towns.

But I was surprised to see their price.

They were 4 times more expensive than what I knew.


“So expensive.”


“Hmm? You mean zaro?”



Someone from the store asked me as if he heard my voice.

As I hurriedly looked at the person who asked me, turned out he was an elderly man.

There was also someone who seemed to be his wife inside the store.


Is this zaro from Latomi Village?”


“Hahaha, since zaro only grows in that region, right.
…By any chance did you come from Latomi Village?”




“Where are your parents?”


“…Nah, I’m on a journey alone.”


Because I wanted information about Latomi Village, I tried to answer honestly.


“Alone!… Certainly this year is quite harsh, huh.
Haa~ it is the stupid village head’s fault.”


“The village head?”


I remembered the man who told my father to kill me.

To be honest, I want to forget about it.


“You came here from the village without knowing anything? Ah, that’s not it.
Were you expelled?”


“…I ran away.”


“Run away… has that village become such a bad place?”


The old man shook his head while sighing deeply.


“There was a fortune-teller called Louva-san, right?”




“She protected the zaro in Latomi Village.
This fruit’s harvest period is very tricky.
If you missed the period even a little, you can’t sell them.
So they asked her to predict the period, and they were able to live with that.”


“The village head wasn’t pleased about that!”


I was surprised hearing one more voice.

When I turned my eyes towards the direction of the voice, someone who was likely the old man’s wife came from inside of the store.


“Latomi Village can’t survive without zaro as their source of income.
It’s no wonder a lot of villagers supported Louva who protected their source of income.
It seemed that the stupid village head wasn’t pleased about that.
When Louva was ill, he didn’t give her any medicine.”


“He lied to the villagers that he had given the medicine.
Only his followers knew about the fact.”


“Because as far as the village is concerned, Louva understands what kind of fruit zaro is.
If something happens to her, they surely will contact other fortune tellers.
But nothing happened; the villagers thought of it as strange and only learned the fact after they questioned the village head’s followers.
Furthermore, he tried to blame a kid at first.
My goodness, the former village head was splendid, but the current one is hopeless.
The village is ruined now.”


“I heard the village head expelled the villagers who opposed him.”


“I heard an orphan was expelled…you said you ran away, right.”




“Why did you run away?”


“…Because my parents were close to the village head…that, problem was…”


“Your parents…it must be hard for you.”


“Eh! No, not really.”


…The village head was more problematic than what I had imagined.

In addition, my parents who followed his footsteps were…Ah, they were not my parents anymore.

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