“Hey, you’ll hurt the kid if you pull so hard!”




His companion hurriedly walked towards us and grabbed the gatekeeper’s arm.

He quickly let go of my arm.


“Sorry! Are you okay? Are you hurt? Woah, it turned red.”


“Haa~ Sorry.
He’s not a bad guy, but…rather, he loses sight of his surroundings once he focuses on something.”


It was the first time I saw two adult men bowed their heads to me.

Surely my wrist was slightly red, but I was still bewildered seeing them bowed their heads.


“It, it’s alright!”


“Really? I gripped your wrist without any restraint, you know?”


“It’s really all right.”


“Is that so? Well, I’ll find you a good tent as an apology!”


It seemed like I didn’t have to give up looking for a tent.

Rather, it was decided that I was going to look for one.

I followed the gatekeeper who walked away without listening to my response.

The other man was following behind us…is this okay?

As we walked a little, we stopped in front of a store, looking like we were about to enter.


“It’s here.
This store is famous for selling long-lasting goods even though they are second hand because they were repaired properly.
Well, the old man is a bit quirky, though.”


As I peeked inside, it was very messy; I couldn’t tell which ones were the goods on sale.

My impression of this place didn’t have any relation with the word ‘orderly.’

I could see one figure of a man inside the store through the gaps between the piled up goods.

Even though I was hesitating, the gatekeeper dashed into the store full of spirit.


“Old man, sorry to butt in.”


“Huh? What, you don’t have any business in this shop, right.”


“I brought a customer.”


“A customer?”


As the old man looked towards the entrance, he only saw each other, so the old man lowered his head looking downward.


“A little customer again, huh.
What happened to your parents?”


The kid’s from Latomi Village.”


“Latomi…So it is true that they are reducing the number of people.


What should I do? Should I say that I wasn’t kicked out to reduce the number of people?

But then they would ask why a minor was on a journey alone.

I was at a loss.


“What kind of stuff do you want?”


“Seems to be a single person secondhand tent.”


“A tent, huh?”


The store’s old man walked among the overflowing stuffs, and picked out a few tents for me.

The gatekeeper checked their function and material one by one.


The atmosphere felt like I had already decided to buy the tent.

Nah, I was going to buy one, but it depends on the price….

What should I do if I couldn’t afford the one he chose for me….




“Ah? What’s wrong? Tell me if you have any request.”


“That’s not it.
Since I don’t understand about function well.
Umm, around how much will the price be?”


“The price, huh? It depends on the stuff, but how much is your budget?”


Budget…I wonder if 5 gidall is enough?

I didn’t want to use my gold coins, so let’s give up if I couldn’t buy it with 5 gidall.


“5 gidall.”


“Eh!? 5 gidall?”


The gatekeeper made a rather surprised face.

Oh no, did I make a mistake?


“Did you receive 5 gidall from Latomi Village?”


The gatekeeper’s companion guy asked me.


I received them for monster information fee from Latom Village.”


“Monster information fee, huh…5 gidall means it was a pretty dangerous monster.”


It was a tree monster capable of camouflage.”


“That one huh~, you didn’t get hurt? That one was dangerous.”


I was lucky then.”


“I see.
Information fee, huh.”


By the way, was 5 gidall too much or too little?

Is it okay to ask them?


“You can buy a pretty good tent with 5 gidall, you know.
In addition, lighter ones are better for a kid.”


When I looked at the store’s old man, he chose one tent among those that he had picked out.

The gatekeeper quickly snatched it and spread it out to check the fabric condition.


“Ooh~ this is certainly a good stuff.”


“Of course.
This is my best stuff these days.
I also fixed it a little.”


As I listened to the gatekeeper and the old man talking, I touched the tent to check how heavy it was.

I lifted it up and got surprised.
It wasn’t heavy.

I wanted to bring my tent when I left Latomi Village, but I already brought too many stuffs.

I was worried I would get chased at that time, so I wanted my luggage to be as light as possible.

And when you’re on a journey alone, you don’t really use a tent.

It was dangerous to use a tent in the forest without anyone keeping guard.

Especially when it rains, since rain wipes out monsters’ presence, you have to hide in a cave or tree openings and wait for the rain to stop.

But if I’m going to use adventurers’ area in big villages or towns, I will need a tent.

As I was hesitating a little, the gatekeeper took the tent and headed out of the store.


“Check if the kid can set it up by himself.”


At the old man’s order, I hurriedly followed the gatekeeper out of the store and he handed me the tent.

I confirmed if I could set up the tent alone while listening to the gatekeeper’s explanation.

Because it was the type that could be set up easily, even I could do it by myself.

When I tried getting inside the tent, its flooring was a bit thick and warm.

When I closed the doorway, the space inside was a little bigger than what I imagined.

This one was good.

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