After I finished rechecking the things I had picked up, I sensed a presence of people getting nearer.

After its meal, I hid Sora who was swaying leisurely in my bag, and I looked towards the direction of approaching presence.

I could see 3 men, wearing outfits like the gatekeeper coming towards me.

I was a little panicked, but since I had put Sora in my bag, there should be no problem.

Some adventurers brought their trash directly to the dumpster, so there was nothing strange about me being here.

Even so, why were they coming towards me?

Perhaps they were patrolling around the dumpster?

I took my bags and walked towards them in order to return to the village.

Those 3 men saw me, but I managed to get past them without getting stopped.

I was relieved.

I stopped at a place a little far from the dumpster and looked back.

They observed the whole part of the dumpster, then entered the forest just like that.


“Perhaps they also patrol around in the forest?”


If that was the case, I might not be able to spend the night in the forest.

There was no problem with sleeping in the forest, as long as you are far away from the village.

But there was a well-managed adventurers’ area in Latome Village.

And yet, I couldn’t find any reason to intentionally sleep in a dangerous forest.

What should I do?

Should I sleep in deeper part of the forest?

But I didn’t know how far they patrolled, and I was also worried about the number of adventurers in this village.

I thought there were almost twice as many adventurers here, compared to the villages I visited before.

If that was the case, then the chance of meeting them in the forest would be higher, and I couldn’t freely let Sora out in the forest.

That reminds me, as I got closer to the village, I took Sora out and put it inside again more and more often.

Ha~, there were people patrolling and also a lot of adventurers.

Are all big villages like this?

Because I was planning to go to a town after this, I had to look for a solution.


When I went to the village’s entrance gate, a different person stood there guarding the gates.

I thought he was going to ask me again, but this time I managed to get in without being asked anything.

Did they think I was acting suspicious before?

Although I tried my best not to stand out, let’s be careful.

I looked around the village, but as expected there were so many people, and there were people patrolling around.

It would be dangerous to take Sora out from the bag in the village.

As I looked around here and there, I went into a butcher’s shop.

I wanted to buy dried meat, and to ask if they were looking to purchase any meat.




When I entered the shop, an old lady came out from the back of the shop.


I looked around the shop to search for dried meat a little nervously.

I found 2 kinds of dried meat, small package and large package, and the large package seemed to have better value.

I took out 300 dall and bought the large package.


“Excuse me.
I’d like to ask you something.”


“What is it?”


“Is this dried meat made from field mice?”


“They are from field mice and wild rabbits.
I just bought wild rabbits, they are bigger than field mice and a little cheaper because they are easy to catch.
There are also wild pigeons, but they are expensive because they are hard to catch.”


So it was true that there were various kinds of dried meat in towns and its surrounding villages.

I thought this was field mice, but turned out to be wild rabbits.

I stared at the dried meat I bought.

…Since it had become dried meat, I didn’t see any difference.


“If I go hunting, will you purchase some meat from me?”


“Of course! But they have to be fresh.”


“I understand.”


“Are you going hunting alone?”




“I see.
There are dangerous fanged animals called nonoshi around here, please be careful.”


“Thank you.”



I had never heard of it.

So it wasn’t a monster, but an animal.

When I left the butcher’s shop and returned to the adventurers’ area, the guard had changed.

I showed him my permit board and went to the place I had reserved before.

I saw a small tent on the way there.


“A tent, huh?”


If I have a tent, I might be able to take Sora out.

I wonder how much do I have to pay to get a single person tent?

I was also worried about its weight, so I wanted to see and confirm first.

As I looked around, I saw one signboard.


“We only offer good quality secondhand goods!”


Can I buy a tent if it is a secondhand one?

I could afford to spend some money because I got my information fees.

I kinda want a tent, thinking of what will happen to me and Sora from now on.

After I confirmed the store location on the signboard, I headed towards the street.

The store written on the signboard was located in a smaller street away from the main street.

When I peeked inside, I saw a lot of adventurers there.


“Do you want to buy something?”


Because someone suddenly greeted me, I stopped my mouth from screaming and turned around.


“Ah, sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you.”


He was the gatekeeper of the village’s entrance gate.

One unfamiliar man was accompanying him.



“Don’t surprise the kid.”


As I watched the unfamiliar man warned the gatekeeper, I took deep breaths to calm down my beating heart.


“Hahaha, sorry, sorry.
So, do you want to buy something?”


A secondhand single person tent.”


“A tent? …So it is true that Latomi Village is poor, seeing that the kid doesn’t get any supplies when expelled from the village.”


Latomi Village is poor?

The village wasn’t rich, but because the village had a local specialty, I didn’t think it was that poor either.


“I know! I’ll show you around.
The owner is a skilled old man.”


He grabbed my hand and walked away pulling my hands.

It seemed that he decided to show me around the store for some reason.

However, because the length of our strides were different, my arm hurt a little.

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