o get back to Sora right away.

What should I do?

It would be the safest for Sora to dive into the dumpster together with me, though.


“Sora, can you avoid being buried with the trash in the dumpster?”


Sora had a really bad sense of stability.

When we entered the dumpster, Sora often got buried with the trash.

Sora looked at me and stretched vertically.

Ah, a new movement.

Oh, a new move.

So it could do this kind of movement…that wasn’t it.

I thought for a while, and I decided to do something so people don’t see Sora.


“Sora, let’s go into the dumpster together.”




As Sora leaped into the dumpster, it rolled and got caught between bottles.


“Sora, right after I told you…”


I rescued Sora and picked up all the necessary things with one of my hand holding Sora.

I was glad that I could still hold Sora in one hand.

I put red and blue potions one by one into the bag dedicated for Sora.

As expected for a large dumpster, I found more and more potions.

It seemed like I could expect to find quite a lot today.

Ah, I found a magic bag…but it was pretty ripped…this one was impossible.

Other things…I wonder what is this?

It was clothes, but it was too big for me.

Perhaps because there were a lot of adventurers?

They even dumped quite a lot of swords.

Since some of them were not sheathed in their scabbard, I could hurt my feet if I wasn’t careful.

I left the dumpster after I chose some more things.


I leaned down under a big tree a little far away from the dumpster.

Sora had already leaped down from my hand and bounced towards the bag dedicated for it.

Sora was asking for potions.

When I picked up potions for Sora, it was swaying violently in my hand.

I laughed at Sora, seeing its usual behavior.

I lined up 10 blue potions and 10 red potions in front of Sora.

Sora started to eat the first potion while I was still lining them up.

The potions were absorbed and turned into bubbles.

Sora’s way of eating was strange as always.

…that reminds me, I had never seen how other slime eats.

I kinda want to see it somewhere.

I wonder if they eat like Sora?

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