Perhaps because I almost arrived at Latome Village, I passed by a lot of adventurers in the village road.

I was sorry for Sora, as it had to stay inside my bag.

I glanced at the adventurer team’s slime…but the color of their bodies were all muddy or non-transparent.

I also saw some of them with beautiful colors, but they were not translucent.

As expected, I couldn’t see any translucent slime like Sora.

I might not be able to take it out of my bag….


I could see the village entrance gate now.

I was surprised to see that this village was completely different from the villages I visited before; I stopped there for a moment.

The villages I visited before had simple entrance gates, but this Latome Village had an impressive gate.

I wonder if this was a rather large village?

I didn’t pass through Latome Village and arrived in Otorwa Town, right?

As I walked closer in doubt, I could see a sign bearing the name Latome Village.

And then there was a high wall connected to the left and right side of the gate.

This was also something I had never seen in the village I visited before.

My heart was beating loudly as I saw this great scenery.

There seemed to be gatekeepers standing in the entrance gate checking people who passed through the gate.


What should I do, do I need something like a certificate?

Because I ran away from the village, I didn’t bring my certificate.

In addition, even if I wanted to bring it, they must have thrown it away.


I couldn’t do anything about it so I gave up and approached the gate.

The gatekeeper noticed me and greeted me.

My heart was beating loudly.


“Are you alone?”




“Where did you come from?”


“From Latomi Village.”


“Latomi! Did you come here alone from a village so far away?”




“I see.
It was tough in that village, huh, reducing the number of people?”



What was he talking about?


Reducing the number of people?


“It might be hard, but if you are an adventurer, you should be able to live it, right.
Good luck.”


“…Thank you.”


I didn’t really understand, but he was worried about me and supported me.

In addition, it seemed that something had happened in Latomi Village.

I didn’t hear anything about that in the village I visited before…I wonder what had happened?

I wonder if I should look for any information in this village.


I safely entered Latome Village, and I was surprised.

Its entrance gate was quite different from the other villages, and the inside was also quite different.

As I entered the village, I saw a wide street with stores lined up on its both sides.

I was surprised seeing that many stores, but more than that, I was overwhelmed seeing a crowd of people.

It was a little before noon, but some adventurers were already drunk, and the stores were very lively.

There were some people with the same outfit as the gatekeeper patrolling around.

Perhaps they were members of the village’s security group.


For the time being, I will take a look around the village.

I wanted to look for information about this village, and I also wanted to know about Latomi Village.

I moved along with the stream of people, but there were too many people.

I felt a bit sick…

I walked a bit and arrived at an open space.

Let’s take a break, I got dizzy seeing such a lot of people.

There were some chairs in the area; I looked for an unoccupied seat and sat there.

As I looked around, the village was very lively and a lot of people were smiling.

This village seemed to be a very nice place.

Though I think that there are a little too many people.


I could hear various talking voices.

They didn’t seem to have any information that I wanted.

They were talking about newly opened stores and new menus on stores somewhere.

…This village seemed to be really peaceful.

I wasn’t sure what to do since this was my first time arriving at a peaceful village like this.

For now, let’s find a place to sleep today.

When I looked around, there were a lot of merchants, as well as a lot of adventurers.

I wonder if there are a lot of people in the adventurers’ area?

Would the forest be quieter?

Just in case, I’m going to look for adventurers’ area.


“So big.”


The adventurers’ area was the largest one I had ever seen.

Because there was a lodging for adventurers around here, this area was quite crowded.

When I was about to enter the area, someone stood guard at the entrance.

I was a little surprised, but he wore an outfit just like the one standing at the village entrance.

Did Latome Village also manage the adventurers’ area?


“Are you going to stay the night?”




“Are you alone?”




“…I see.
The area over there will be safer.”


He was a little bewildered when I said I was alone.

Must be because he knew I was a minor just by seeing me.

But he checked the area and told me the safest place.

The place was far from the simple kitchen, but there were less people.

It was an ideal place for me so I decided to stay there.


“Is it all right?”




Do I perhaps need to pay to stay here?

I felt a little worried, but then he gave me something.

When I looked carefully, it was a board with a mark on it.


“This is a permit board.”


“Permit board?”


“Ah, is this your first time here?”




“Because there will be more problems when there are too many people.
We are limiting the number of people here.
You can’t enter if you don’t have the permit board.”


“I see.
Thank you.”


There seems to be a lot of adventurers in this village after all.

I didn’t expect that they would limit the number of people using the adventurers’ area.

I walked towards the place he pointed out before, and since there was a comfortable chair over there, I was going to sit there.

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