are two kinds of slaves, criminal slaves and debt slaves.

Criminal slaves are those criminals who are managed by the country to serve as slaves until the end of their prison term.

Debt slaves are those people who borrowed money but can’t repay it.

I wonder if the adventurers brought along debt slaves?

I heard that criminal slaves were hunted out in the country’s operation, and they did difficult jobs.

I heard from those talking in the adventurers’ area that some adventurers failed to carry out their requests and were burdened by debts.

Let’s be careful to not be caught as slaves.

As I will be heading to large villages and towns, there are some places that attract bandits.

I have to brace myself because I’m on a journey alone, thus an easy target.

I searched for any presence around the village road, confirmed that there was no problem, and took Sora out of its bag.

Sora grew a little bigger than before.

Furthermore, after Sora healed my injury, its body grew a little firmer.

Its body that was stretched to the side, had become a solid waterdrop-like shape.

Well, it still somehow looked stretched to the side, though…

However, I thought that it’s almost impossible to distinguish Sora from an ordinary slime.

If that was the case, Sora could stay outside all the time without any problem.

But I was a little concerned about Sora’s translucent body.

I had seen tamed slimes for several times already, but all of them had muddy color.

Some of them even had beautiful colors, but not translucent.

Sora was translucent blue.

Sora was translucent, almost transparent to the point you could clearly see bubbles when it was eating.

I know, I should try to visit a bookstore in the next village.

They might not have anything about Sora, but they might have some books that contain a little more detailed information about slimes.

There should be some information about slimes’ color.

If Sora is the only one that’s translucent…Even if it has solid form, I can’t get it out from my bag after all.

Sora jumped down to the village road.

It moved by jumping up and down next to me.

Sora could do this after it healed my injury.

I feel that Sora had grown stronger since I met it for the first time.

If this was the first time I met Sora, I would be in panic thinking if it would disappear.

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