I became more sensitive to sounds and presence; perhaps my fear of tree monster still remained.

I couldn’t help it because I had a near death experience, but thanks to that, I couldn’t sleep.

I felt sorry for Sora, but I wanted to spend at least a day leisurely in the village’s adventurer area.


Since the village was near, we arrived at our destination, Latos Village in 5 days.

I thought this village was also a big one because it was close to Otorwa Town…but it was surprisingly small.

It was just as small as Latomi village where I was born.

So it doesn’t mean that a village is bigger when it is closer to a town.

I was a little surprised.

When I entered the village, somehow the villagers were dispirited.

Furthermore, it looked like there weren’t a lot of adventurers here.

It is hard to gather information when there is only a few adventurers.

I headed towards the village center while watching the villagers and adventurers’ situation.

When I arrived at the village center, a few bars were located over there.

However, none of them was lively.

For the time being, I will get closer and listen.


…Seemed like 2 days ago, the village head was arrested for a crime of embezzling government tax.

In addition, I heard that he was the second village head being arrested in a row.

A person who seemed to be the owner of a bar was complaining to the adventurers while treating them to a drink.

The adventurers accompanying him smiled bitterly.

Somehow, I felt like I dropped by an extraordinary village.

Should I just take a look at the dumpster and leave soon?

Because this is a small village, I have no expectation for the dumpster.

…Well, for the time being, let’s take a look.


I left the village and searched for a place where I might find a dumpster.

I managed to find it immediately.

I wasn’t expecting much, but there were more things in the dumpster than what I had expected.

Perhaps the village doesn’t have any tamed slime because they messily dumped a great variety of things here.

If that is the case, then it must be quite difficult for the village.


Sora was encircled in my bag strap near the dumpster as usual.

Even though Sora evolved already, why did it roll away if blown by the wind?

Perhaps it was just how a slime work?

I had seen slimes from up close, but since I ran away immediately, I didn’t know what happened when they were blown by the wind.

Let’s observe when I have a chance next time.


There were a lot of potions scattered around in the dumpster.

Of course I picked up all of the blue potions.

Next, I searched for red potions because one bottle of mine had discolored.

I was able to find several bottles of them, although slightly discolored.

Their condition was better than what I had at that time.

I also found green potions with fairly light discoloration.

Let’s replace the things I brought with these ones.

I looked around, but the trash from this village was badly ripped and dirty.

There were a lot of things thrown away, but I couldn’t pick up any of them.


I returned to Sora’s place and took out the potions I was about to dump from the bag.

There was no problem about blue potions, because they could be Sora’s food.

I dumped the discolored red and green potions.

I took them out from my bag and left them beside me.

And then my magic bag.

While I was searching for a river, it was hooked on a tree and ripped.

This time was alright because I had a spare bag, but I didn’t have another spare.

Because I couldn’t predict what would happen in the forest, I need some spares.

Let’s put our hope for the next village.

But people don’t really throw away magic bags, huh.

I checked inside my bags to ensure that there was nothing else to throw away.

I guess there’s none…Alright!

I reached for the potions I had left beside, intending to bring them to the dumpster, but my hands caught Sora’s body.




When I turned towards it, I saw Sora eating the red potion.

The discolored red potion was absorbed into Sora’s body.




It finished eating while I blinked for a few times.

I hurriedly placed the red potions I found in the dumpster in front of Sora.

Sora immediately ate the red potions.


“…You ate them…Uh, how about this?”


I took out green potions from the bag dedicated for trash and placed them in front of Sora.

…There was no reaction.

I wasn’t sure what happened, but I guessed Sora could eat red potions now.

For the time being, I also picked up red potions for Sora and put them in my bag.

I didn’t understand no matter how hard I thought about it, but because Sora could eat more varieties of potion now, I’d better get prepared.

There were too many mysteries about Sora.

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