happened when they were blown by the wind.

Let’s observe when I have a chance next time.


There were a lot of potions scattered around in the dumpster.

Of course I picked up all of the blue potions.

Next, I searched for red potions because one bottle of mine had discolored.

I was able to find several bottles of them, although slightly discolored.

Their condition was better than what I had at that time.

I also found green potions with fairly light discoloration.

Let’s replace the things I brought with these ones.

I looked around, but the trash from this village was badly ripped and dirty.

There were a lot of things thrown away, but I couldn’t pick up any of them.


I returned to Sora’s place and took out the potions I was about to dump from the bag.

There was no problem about blue potions, because they could be Sora’s food.

I dumped the discolored red and green potions.

I took them out from my bag and left them beside me.

And then my magic bag.

While I was searching for a river, it was hooked on a tree and ripped.

This time was alright because I had a spare bag, but I didn’t have another spare.

Because I couldn’t predict what would happen in the forest, I need some spares.

Let’s put our hope for the next village.

But people don’t really throw away magic bags, huh.

I checked inside my bags to ensure that there was nothing else to throw away.

I guess there’s none…Alright!

I reached for the potions I had left beside, intending to bring them to the dumpster, but my hands caught Sora’s body.




When I turned towards it, I saw Sora eating the red potion.

The discolored red potion was absorbed into Sora’s body.




It finished eating while I blinked for a few times.

I hurriedly placed the red potions I found in the dumpster in front of Sora.

Sora immediately ate the red potions.


“…You ate them…Uh, how about this?”


I took out green potions from the bag dedicated for trash and placed them in front of Sora.

…There was no reaction.

I wasn’t sure what happened, but I guessed Sora could eat red potions now.

For the time being, I also picked up red potions for Sora and put them in my bag.

I didn’t understand no matter how hard I thought about it, but because Sora could eat more varieties of potion now, I’d better get prepared.

There were too many mysteries about Sora.

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