onfirmed that Sora was eating the potions, I dived into the dumpster to look for things I needed for my journey.

I put more potions in my bag one by one.

Since I was able to find some clothes, I also put them in my bag.

I found some blue potions among the training potions, so I took them all.

There were 38 bottles in total.

When I returned to Sora, who was waiting just beside the dumpster while bouncing, I lined up all of the training potions in front of it.

Sora was bouncing joyfully while absorbing all the potions.

Sora was able to do skillful movement now.

As I stayed next to Sora who was eating and bouncing in satisfaction, I took out all the things I picked up from the bag to check them.

I could wear all the clothes I found if I fixed them a little.

I checked all the potions one by one.

When people throw them away, the bottle may get cracked.

Since cracks in the bottle speed up discoloration, it is important to check for any crack.

I chose some potions with no crack and minimal discoloration.

There were a lot of better potions than those I picked up in previous villages.

Was it because there were many adventurers?

I was as happy as I could be.

I managed to secure a total of 76 bottles of potions for Sora.

A lot of things happened, but I got a lot of things in Latom village.

I put the items back in my bag after I finished checking them.


“Huh?…There is not enough red potions.”


I should have picked up three bottles of red potions, but there were only two here.
Red potions are used for curing illness.

How strange.

Did I drop it?

As I looked towards the dumpster, I found a red potion on the ground near there.

…Did I drop it?

I put it in the bag after I checked for any crack.

I finished my preparation!


I headed to the next village, Latos, together with Sora.

To be honest, I was afraid to enter the forest because I just met such a monster.

But if I want to continue my journey, I must get used to it.


“Sora, please tell me if there’s any danger.”


Sora was bouncing in my arms.

I was a little relieved.

I’m glad Sora is my friend.

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