even just a little.

…I’m sad and lonely after all.

My tears fluttered down.

Why am I…a no-star….

It’s no use even if I cry.

My stomach won’t be full.

Let’s find something to eat first.

Today is the first time I go into the forest alone.

It’s somehow scarier than the forest I always see.

Perhaps even monsters will appear.

What should I do…I want to go back…but I’m hungry.

The food I found was a slightly large fruit of a tree.

It’s a bit sour, but it can be eaten.

“So sour!”

It’s not just a bit, it’s pretty sour.

Although when I ate it last time, it was a little sweet.

I sit down at the tree roots.

What shall I do from tomorrow?

My previous soul is telling me.

She said to prepare to run away from this village.

But if I run away, where should I go?

I can’t fight monsters, can I live away from this village?

I want to stay in this village like this.

But I feel that it’s somehow impossible.

I wonder if everyone changed, just like my parents changed.

…Let’s go home and go to bed for today.

I wonder if my room is still there?

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