ed in adventurers’ area in Latoto village, which was packed with adventurers.

Somehow, I’m not good at dealing with people.

I found a place without any tent set up in the area and took a break.

I seemed to sit in a spot furthest from the simple kitchen, thus an unpopular spot.

That reminds me, I also slept in a similar spot in Latoto village.


Well, what shall I do?

I planned to head for the next village right away after I picked up potions in Latom Village’s dumpster.

The village will be the safest place when the ogre king appears.

Since they were talking about gathering adventurers quickly, the subjugation should start tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Come to think of it, I heard that if an ogre king appears, there might be ogre nests around.

I thought it was written in the book…but I only remembered vaguely.

Let’s check again later.

A day or two to find ogre’s nests?

To exterminate them…hmm, I might have to stay in Latom Village for about 5 days?

It’s not really a problem for me; even about lack of sleep, I experienced it before in the forest.

But there’s a problem about Sora’s food.

I need to find an empty place in the village, …but it may be difficult because this village is packed with people.

In the worst case, Sora will have to eat inside the bag.

Huh~ I was glad for the unexpected income, but it was too bad I couldn’t go to the forest.

But safety is the most important thing.

I feel sorry towards Sora, but let’s give up this time.


They announced the monsters’ information to the village and gathered top-ranked adventurers.

Seeing their number, I could really grasp how big this village is.

There were more top-ranked adventurers than what I had imagined.

However, the man I saw in the office looked grimmer than all of them.

That ogre king must be a really dangerous monster.

But I didn’t expect to be stranded here for 10 days….

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