give up because they are too worn out.

It looked like I couldn’t use half of them.

Even so, I got 2 pants and 4 blouses, it was a great harvest.

I wanted to look for source of water, but I was concerned about monsters.

I learned from the office that it would be better to not move around until they found out about the monsters.


“I’m sorry, Sora.
You have to stay in the bag again.”


Sora leaped out from the basket to my place.

…it leaped…


I couldn’t understand what I saw for a moment because I was too surprised.


“Sora jumped!”


Sora, who could just roll around until now, jumped.

I lifted Sora up and looked at its eyes.

Sora was bouncing.

…Sora is so cute after all.

After I petted Sora to my heart’s content, I put it in the bag, and headed to the village.



I headed to the office early in the morning.

From around yesterday evening, the top-ranked adventurers seemed to be a little nervous.

They might have found traces of strong monsters from yesterday’s investigation.


“Excuse me.”


“Oh, the one from yesterday.”


Am I too early?”


“It’s alright.
Since we have identified the monsters, we will give you the information fee.”


It seemed that the young lady from yesterday would take care of me.

I could hear people’s speaking voice from the back room; the situation was rough back there.

…apparently the monsters seemed to be strong and troublesome.


“May I ask you to confirm this?”


I moved towards the young lady’s desk…there was some money on top of it.

Two gold coins and one silver slab.


“2 Ladall for information about top-ranked monsters, 2 gold coins here.
5 Gidall here for information about 5 dead people.”


“Um…yes, I confirmed.”


I confirmed it, but I couldn’t be calm seeing my first gold coin and silver slab.

I had 5 silver coins, added with this silver slab…now I have 10 silver coins; and gold coins…gold coins!?

While somehow thinking about value of money…I couldn’t calm down even more.

Monster information fee was amazing.

Gold coins, those were scary.

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