I entered Latom village and looked around.

It was livelier than other villages.

There were a lot of adventurers as well.

I realized the villages were getting larger and larger as I got closer to Otorwa town.

I wonder if development is easier if a village is located near a town?


Since the office should be located near village entrance, I looked around from the nearby signboard.

I looked at the signs one by one, and finally found the sign of an office a little farther away.

They might not trust a minor traveling on a journey alone, but I still have to report about the dead bodies.


“Excuse me.”


When I entered the office, there were 4 adventurers and a young lady.

They all looked at me and I got nervous.


“Do you need something?”


The young lady greeted me kindly when I was frozen there nervously.

I was glad.


“Some people were killed by monsters in the village road near Latom village…”


“…Eh!…Where in the village road?”


“The village road leading to Latoto.
But it is near this village.”


“Hmm, do you know how far it is from here? Even a rough guess is okay.”


“I think it takes around 30 minutes on my feet.”


The young lady’s face grew strained hearing my last answer, and she rushed to the back room immediately.


“Huh? You said there are monsters nearby?”


“Yeah, if we don’t investigate immediately, it may attack the village.”


I could hear some voices from the back room.

Their voices were loud.

The adventurers in the office also stared at the back room.


A very tall man came out from the back room.

He had wounds all over his body.

He came to me; crouched to meet my line of sight and spoke with his tone lowered a little.


“Ah, I don’t mean to doubt you, but is it really in the village road near this village?”


“Yes…after I found him, I ran away because I was scared so I don’t know the correct distance, but I soon heard voices from this village.”


He stared at me, then he sighed deeply and messed up his hair.


“Ah, this is, seriously…monster, huh?”


Somehow I feel like this turned out to be a serious problem.

The man spoke to the adventurers standing nearby.


“I’m sorry, but this is an urgent request.
Please check the precise distance and if possible, type of monsters.
I will pass this as request to the guild later.”


The four adventurers immediately left the office.

They must belong to the same team, seeing that they went out together.


“Thank you, is it okay to give you the information fee after we check the place?”




I wonder what is an information fee?

Perhaps it’s for information about the monsters?

Nah, I just said those men might be attacked by monsters, though…

They must have realized that I didn’t understand.

The young lady explained to me.

I might get information fee for informing to the office about monster attack and dead people near the village.

Especially information about monsters should be reported quickly.

My information about the monsters hasn’t been verified yet, but it seems that I will get the information fee for informing them about the dead bodies.

Therefore I have to visit the office tomorrow.


“Thank you.”


I thanked the young lady and left the office.

Somehow the story went off to different direction to what I had imagined.

I thought I would only report the information to them.

However, it was certainly a serious problem to have monsters appeared near the village.

I see…if monsters appear near the village, then it would be dangerous in the forest.

Let’s take a rest in the adventurers’ area today.

Ah, but I have to search for Sora’s food first.

I only have 5 remaining bottles, including my share.

That reminds me, Sora didn’t stretch its body in dissatisfaction when I gave it less potion during our travel.

It was satisfied with just the amount I gave it.

…Let’s hope there are a lot of blue potions in the dumpster.


I want to feed it a lot until it feels full.

Well then, I wonder where is the dumpster?

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