I didn’t sense any hidden presence.


I looked at the collapsed man and immediately covered my mouth.

The collapsed man was already dead.

I could see gouged out marks in his body.

I can see marks like being scooped out with something.

And there were some footprints of battle left around the area.

I concluded from the footprints that there were perhaps several people involved.

Because there is a possibility that this was a robbery, I put Sora in the bag.

Sora is a rare slime, so it may be targeted.


I was sorry for the dead man, but I couldn’t do anything about him.

I left him as he was, and moved away quickly while watching my surroundings.

But I could see a horse carriage a little down the road.

I stopped and took a deep breath to calm down.

As expected, I didn’t sense any presence.

As I approached the horse carriage, I found several dead bodies, all of them badly wounded.

A horse lied down a little far from the village road, but I knew it was dead.

Apparently, it was attacked by monsters instead of bandits.

Bandits don’t kill horses, and their wounds weren’t caused by swords.

There might be violent monsters around here.

The wounds of the dead were too severe.

It wasn’t the first time I saw someone dead by monster attack, but I was a little shocked.

I should better leave here soon.

I left the horse carriage quickly.

After a while, I realized that I was running and stopped.

I was less cautious when I run.

I might overlook any monster presence.

I took several deep breaths, and finally calmed down.


“Ah…I was surprised.”


I wanted to sit down, but I couldn’t do so here.

I walked quickly towards Latom village while cautiously searching for presence around me, and after a while I could hear some kind of sound.

As I listened nervously, turned out it was human’s voice.

Adventurers? Traveler? Merchant?

I approached the sound while watching my surroundings.


“Ah, it’s Latom village.”


I knew I had arrived in the village due to voices of the people.

I relaxed my body with a sigh of relief.

For the time being, I have to report to Latom village office that I found some dead bodies.

T/N : OK I know Latom is the ‘Amen’ in Fire Force but the author really named the village ラトム haha.

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