the snakes you brought were lively so I can make good medicine.
I am as happy as I can be.”


“Thank you.”


I’m glad that I can be useful.


“Two gidall for you.”


“Thank you.”


I took the money and left the store.

I broke into a smile.

He said he was as happy as he could be…was that a compliment?

But I was glad.


I returned to the place where I collected the field mice with a spring in my steps.

I took Sora out from its bag and gave it today’s portion of potions.

There were 9 of them, so dissection would take some time, but I managed to finish before the sun started to go down.

I heard that there will be another subjugation today, so let’s move to the village quickly.

I looked at Sora…it was sleeping, doing things at its own pace steadily.

I put Sora inside my bag and returned to the village.


The adventurers entered the forest in turn.

Somehow I made it in time.

I was about to go to the butcher shop after the adventurers had all gone.

…I wonder if the shopkeeper is in?


“Excuse me.”


I opened the door and peeked in nervously.


“Oh, it’s the lad, do you need anything?”


I was glad that the shopkeeper was in.


“I’d like to sell some field mice, is that okay?”


“More than that, I’m actually grateful, these days everyone but you are focusing on the snakes.”


I gave 9 pieces of meat wrapped in bana leaves to the shopkeeper.


“A large amount again, huh.
You’re an amazing lad.”


“Thank you.”


“And the meat is in good condition! I’ll give you 1080 dall.
Due to the snake subjugation, I can’t get meat so I raised my buying price.”


Then I’ll leave it to you.”


“I always need more meat since the number of snake increases.
Selling and buying price remained high.
And yet adventurers immediately complain when the price of dried meat increases.
I have to thank you who brought in some meat, lad.”


I took the money and headed to the square that was prepared for adventurers.

…Ah, I forgot to buy some dried meat for my journey.

Was I too happy because they thanked me?

But I was so happy nonetheless.

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