Someone dumped a lot of training potions.

I had never expected that I would be this thankful.

I picked out the blue ones among them, and got 37 bottles of blue potions, all discolored.

These were all for Sora.

If I thought about Sora’s consumption, since it was alright if I gave it at least 2 or 3 bottles a day, I thought I could make the trip.

I still have a few days before I leave the village, so I can expect to gather a little more.

Now that I had reached my potion goal, I could prepare to go to the next village, Latom.



In the village, snake subjugation would start from this evening.

I looked at the village’s situation, and I guessed that it would end in about three days because there were a lot of adventurers.

Before I prepare to head to the next village, I made some field mice traps.

Field mice would scatter when adventurers moved around in the forest.

If I set up some traps, I might be able to catch some of them.

Because this is my first attempt, I’m not sure if it will go as planned, but I decided it’s worth a try.


I set up the traps in the forest.

30 traps in total.

This was the first time I made such number of traps.

They might be a little sloppy, but I guess that was okay.

Let’s work hard to catch a lot of field mice.

After I finished setting up the last trap, I went to harvest some tree fruits.

I found some sweet and delicious fruits, although I didn’t know their name.

It had a nice sweetness for when one was tired.

I harvested around two fruits, then I returned to my sleeping place.


Now, preparation for the journey.

Because I had secured some potions, what else do I need?

I had used up all the ropes for the traps.

Then…I want some clothes, the one I wear feels a little tight.

Hmm~I also want a bamboo tube…but there isn’t any bamboo growing around here.

After I checked my surroundings for any presence and made sure there was no problem, I took Sora out from its bag.

Sora was bouncing.


“You can’t, those are for your meal during our journey.”


As I looked at Sora’s eyes and told it off; its waterdrop-shaped body stretched wider than usual.

Sora’s body was usually stretched but you could still see its waterdrop-shape…but now it looked strange.

…perhaps it was expressing its dissatisfaction?

More importantly, I wonder how wide could it stretch?

As I saw Sora, it looked like a spread out jelly.

I looked away from its strange appearance.

Even though I don’t want to see Sora in this state, but I must not allow this behavior!

Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go on a journey.


I was going to search for necessary stuffs in the dumpster.

Should I bring Sora along?

There might be some blue potions that I wasn’t able to find.

I should be able to find them by looking at Sora’s reaction.


I was able to find several roll of ropes.

It was too bad I couldn’t find any clothes here.

Let’s look forward to the next dumpster.

I looked at Sora…it rolled and was buried in the trash mound.

I hurriedly picked it up and placed it in its bag.

It seemed that the dumpster was not a suitable place for Sora.

Since I had picked up all necessary stuffs, I returned to my sleeping place.


Sora, out of its bag, still stretched its body in dissatisfaction.

I glanced at Sora, but I ignored it and started the preparation for my journey.

Because all the ropes I found were snapped, I tied them up to a usable length.

Since I also found some cloth, I checked them for any ripped parts and cut only the usable parts.

After I finished my preparation, I looked at Sora…it was sleeping.

…Sora does things at its own pace after all.

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