I abandoned my snake traps and added more field mice traps.

I thought of catching more snakes, but I would lose sleep.

On the day I sold the snakes, I became less careful due to my lack of sleep and it was dangerous in the forest.

Let’s give up until I can improve the traps.


I looked around the traps I set up the day before.

It seems field mice’s escape routes were scattered because of the snakes, and they were not caught in the traps.

There were about 4 crushed traps among them, I wonder if it was the snakes’ doing?

Even so, I guess I was right to increase the number of traps.

I managed to catch 3 field mice with 15 traps.

I quickly finished dissecting them and headed to the village.


As I entered the village, I realized something strange.

The adventurers seemed to be a little frantic.

I wondered what had happened?

I overheard some stories as I headed to the butcher shop.

…apparently, the village sent out a request to subdue the snake outbreak.

Were the adventurers busy preparing for the subjugation?

I wonder if I could get more money from subduing a snake than selling it to a drugstore?

Well, even if I could get much money, I had better not take part in the subjugation.

Since I am a minor on a journey alone, I had better not stand out.

More importantly, I had to check when the subjugation start.

If there were a lot of adventurers in the forest, I should leave the forest before they arrived.

It was possible that murderous monsters would appear in front of the adventurers.

I don’t want to be involved in their battle.


I entered the butcher shop and saw an unfamiliar woman, different from the usual shopkeeper.

I was surprised by the unexpected change.

I let my mind wander because I was thinking the shopkeeper would be on duty.


“Oh, welcome!”


“Uhm, I would like to sell some field mice.”


“Huh? …Ah, I heard from my husband, you are the kind who often come to sell field mice?”


So she is his wife.

I took a few deep breaths to calm down.

I handed out the meat wrapped in bana leaves to the lady.


“Oh, they are cleanly dissected.
This really helps.
Some adventurers are a bit careless.”


“Thank you.”


“330 dall for three.
Are you okay with this?”




“That reminds me, it seems that the snake subjugation will finally begin.
The village head didn’t take any action.”


“…I guess so.”


“Are you going to join the subjugation?”




“Oh, is that so?”




What should I do, is this person a chatterbox?

…I can’t leave…It won’t end.

It was after about ten minutes I could finally leave the butcher shop.

When the shopkeeper returned to the shop, she finally ended our conversation.

Or you could say the shopkeeper cut our conversation.

I was glad.

When I left the shop, I breathe a sigh of relief.

It wasn’t clear what we talked about in the end, but I managed to find out the date and time of subjugation, so it was a good thing.

For now, I want to leave the butcher shop.


If they were going to hold a snake subjugation, let’s consider moving on to next village.

No good, I hadn’t collected enough blue potions.

I had 3 stocked…I wanted 10, but if it was impossible, I would like to secure at least 6.

If I added some for Sora’s meal, about 50 bottles?

No matter how I thought, it was impossible.

What should I do, does Sora only eat blue potions?

For the time being, let’s go to the dumpster.




There were two blue potions in front of me, so in total I had five in stock.

…Not enough.

I put the potions I found in potion bag before taking Sora out of its bag.

It was a strategy because if Sora saw them, it would definitely want them.

I let Sora out of its bag and tried placing other colored potions.


“You don’t want to eat?”


It didn’t even glance at them.

It was no good after all.

I guess I’m going to stay in the village a bit longer until someone dumps blue potions.

It was unplanned, but I would worry too much if I didn’t stay.

…it doesn’t matter whom, will someone please dump a large amount of blue potions?

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