Since the snakes fetched a good price, I returned to my sleeping place with a lighthearted stride.

I couldn’t believe I received 5 gidall.

I was glad.

However, this was due to the increasing number of snake monsters.

This will be a little problem when I want to go to the next village.

Well, I can afford to be happy just for today.


I put Sora at the tree root and encircled it with the strap of my magic bag.

Otherwise it would roll around while I was away.

Once, I was surprised to find it rolled quite far.

And then, to prevent it from blown by the wind, I encircled Sora with the strap of my bag.

I wasn’t worried that it would disappear the following day, but there were still a lot of things to worry about Sora.

…And it eats very well.


Yesterday a lot of potions were thrown away at the dumpster.

I picked up a total of 58 bottles of blue potion.

Perhaps a kid who started making potions was practicing to polish their skills.

The containers were not regular ones, but just simple bottles.

I thought of giving them to Sora, but I hesitated a little because their containers weren’t regular ones.


There are three kinds of regular containers used for potions.

They are graded from the first to the third.

The difference is the transparency and thickness of the bottle.

The first grade ones are made from uniformed glass, and the amount of light that permeated through them is stable.

The amount of permeating light is important, I heard potions get discolored easily if the light is unstable.

A lot of people who is not really skilled in making potions uses third grade containers.

Actually, those who are unskilled are encouraged to use first-grade containers, but if their potions still get discolored even if put into first-grade containers, they will have to sell them as degraded potions and they will incur some losses.

Because it causes a considerable loss, only few people uses first-grade containers.

Nowadays, first-grade containers are proof of high quality contents.


Regular containers aren’t used in training stage; they use normal bottles to examine the color change and the likes.

If they managed to reduce the discoloration, the next stage is to make products using regular containers.

The discarded potions were products of training stage.

I looked at the bottle.

I wonder what was the actual difference from regular products…I understood that their shapes were different, though.

And then…some dents and air bubbles trapped inside?

When I thought that Sora was rolling over here, I immediately hid one bottle of potion.

It was a strange sight no matter how many times I look.

The bottle and blue potion disappeared.


“I guess there is no problem with training bottles….”


As I gave Sora potions as it wished for…a large number of potions disappeared.

I had never imagined it would finish 58 potions in one meal.

I had tried to read about slime’s ecology in my book, but the description on their food intake was just ‘it differs from one another’; I didn’t understand at all.

Therefore I wasn’t sure whether Sora’s food intake was large or normal.
But because its size was only slightly smaller than both of my hands, I judged it as a glutton based on appearance.


Sora seemed to have no problem with training bottles, so I found an empty bottle and placed it in front of Sora.

It didn’t show any response at all, perhaps because it didn’t contain any potion.

…What should I do, how can I secure a large number of potions?

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