Phew~ today is the third day after I set up the trap.

I finally succeeded.

I really worked hard.

Furthermore, I was able to catch two snakes.

Two field mice as well…I could say this was a good result, but I couldn’t shut the trap by myself.

I needed some sleep.

I was sleepy…Not good!

I must dissect the field mice and sell the snakes alive.


I had become familiar with dissection.

I was able to dissect them cleanly today as well.

Furthermore, I was glad because the field mice today were a bit on the bigger side.

Next, the snakes that were rampaging inside the cage.

…I was a bit scared, but I needed to transport them.

Let’s work hard.



I entered the village, then I examined the villagers and adventurers’ situation.

There should be no problem since I didn’t see any particular change.

First, I went to sell the field mice meat in the store where I bought dried meat.

He swiftly bought the dissected meat.


“Oh! The kid from before…field mice this time?”


“Yes, is it alright?”


“Yeah, rather than no problem, I am actually grateful…is that one a snake?”


“Yes, I’m thinking of going to the drugstore to sell it.”


“I see, you’re an amazing lad.”




“Your field mice are quite large, they should be tasty…how about 260 dall?”


“Thank you.”


I was glad he bought my wares at a higher price than I thought.

I received the money and asked him for drugstore recommendation.

I left the butcher shop and walked towards the drugstore recommended by the butcher.
The snakes rampaging in the basket were scary, after all.

Let’s hurry up.

At any rate, I was relieved that people thought of me as a boy.

The fortune teller advised me to disguise myself as a boy when I go on a journey.

Seems like a journey is dangerous for girls and women.

My previous soul also said “Easy target, huh-“…I didn’t understand what she mean, but perhaps it was a dangerous thing.

It’s best to not get found out.



When I headed towards the drugstore, turned out it was where the adventurer sold his snake before.

It was the first time I had entered a drugstore, my heart was beating loudly.


“Excuse me.”




A somewhat irritable shopkeeper came out from inside the store.


“I’d like to sell snakes.
Would you mind looking at them?”


“…Where are your parents or friends?”


“I don’t have any, I am alone.”


“…Well then, let me see.”


He seemed to ponder a little, but he was going to take a look at the snakes.


I put the basket on a desk nearby and untied the ropes…and I pushed the basket towards the shopkeeper.

I was too scared to open the bag.

The shopkeeper suddenly laughed and opened the bag to check its contents.


“These are also lively, large sized, and the color is distinct.”


Seemed like it would sell well; my hard work was fruitful.


“2 gidall for one snake, so 4 gidall for 2 snakes, and one of them is a female, so one additional gidall.”




A gidall is certainly 10 pieces of 100-dall copper plate, or one silver coin, then 5 gidall will be….

Eh! So snakes could fetch such a good price.


“Oh, thank you.”


“You’re welcome, female ones are rare and popular.”


I took the money…I was trembling a little.

I couldn’t believe I sold the snakes for so much money.

I was glad that snake outbreak happened.

Otherwise I would not be able to catch them.

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