ind some necessary things, but there should be no problem because there was a dumpster nearby.

However, there might be a problem in making the trap entrance to prevent the snake from escaping.

I looked around the dumpster to find the necessary materials.

I found new blue potions that weren’t there yesterday.

Since I needed potions for both me and Sora, I put all the potions in my bag no matter the colors.


Next, I picked up the necessary materials.

I was lucky to find a broken basket, a torn bag and ropes.

I also picked up other necessary things and things I thought might be useful.

I placed the materials at the base of a tree, then I tied the broken basket and broken bag together with a rope.

To prevent the snake from escaping through the gap, it was important to tie a rope so there was no gap.

I wasn’t sure how wide of a gap could let the snake escape.

Because I feared that the snake was poisonous, I tied the ropes again and again to cover the gap.

I tied a broken steel cup with a rope at the trap entrance, making it easy to enter the bag.

Yeah, the snake trap was completed.

I set up a bait to lure the snake into the basket, and when the snake entered, I tied up the bag to trap the snake inside.
It was a very simple trap.

It was difficult because I had to watch the trap all the time, but let’s work hard.

It was hard for me to make the entrance that let the snake in but not out as described in the book.

Let’s study little by little.

I was going to prepare traps to hunt for field mice as well.

I planned to use the field mice as a bait to lure the snake.

I was worried whether I could to it successfully, but I had no choice but to try!

For the sake of money, let’s work hard!


For the time being, let’s feed Sora who was staring at my magic bag.

How did it realize that I had some potions?

Even though I picked them up discreetly…

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