My eyes followed the letters that appeared on the crystal.





Did I misread it?

I see my mother and father.

…Both of them have a great look on their faces.

Is this…real?


There is magic in Audogeuse.

I was surprised when I became aware of magic.

Anyhow, there was no magic in the world I lived before.

I held my fist up after I knew magic.

I was 2 years old at that time.

My parents were worried about me.


…Somehow, I seem to remember my previous memory.

I heard from a fortune teller in the village.

It is called a cycle of death and rebirth, and people who are reborn with their previous memory are rare.

So I was told not to talk about it to other people.

That’s why it’s a secret.


I’m 5 years old now.

In Audogeuse, when you turn 5, you will receive skills from God.

At most you can have 5 skills.

However people with 5 skills are so rare they are called miracles.

I am told that most people has 2 skills.

Your job is decided based on these skills.

Therefore, there is a ritual where you pray to God and know your skills by using a crystal.


Now, here.

Then, my life fell to the very bottom.

I’m checking it again and again, but…


It is indeed <>.


Tamer is a skill that can tame animals or monsters.

There is no problem with this.

The problem is the following <<###>>.

Skill is rated by the number of stars.

If you have one star in Tamer, you can tame small animals.

There are mail delivery jobs in the city.

If you have a lot of stars, you can tame strong monsters and succeed as an adventurer.



I have the puny <<###>>, it’s weaker than one star.

In other words, there is no monster or animal I can tame.

The job I can do, perhaps there is none.

The reason is, in Audogeuse, everything is decided based on your skills.


“This is an impossible game…”


…It seems that the me from my previous life said something unconsciously.

I don’t know what it means, but I’m sure she’s talking about this situation.

Well, I’m in trouble.

I have understood in the last three years that my previous memory is of little use.

Well, sometimes it’s useful.


Even now, she is telling me to face the reality and think about the future right away.

Certainly I must face the reality.

But it’s hard for a five-year-old child.


People call <<###>> as no star.

No star is an existence abandoned by God.

In the picture book that my mother read to me, there was a story where if you do something bad, you will be turned into a no star.

They say there is a no star in Audogeuse, but the existence is not confirmed.


…but there is one here!


God, did I do anything to you?

By the way, I received one more skill.




Eh…it’s as puny as not receiving one more skill.

Well, I wonder what will happen from now on.

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