stared, Sora bumped into the potions and stopped.

Perhaps it could roll, but it wasn’t good at stopping.

I didn’t think that it wasn’t able to stop, but…that thing was still unclear.


As Sora loomed over the potions it bumped into, it started digesting the potions again.

The remaining potions gradually disappeared into Sora’s body.

I’m sure they were alright because Sora had judged so.

Even so, don’t eat so quickly.

I wonder if it was hungry?

The consumption amount of slimes differ from one another, but I wonder how much does a crumbled slime consume?


With 21 total potions consumed, Sora was now bouncing slowly.

It looked somewhat satisfied.

I’m glad, even if it bounced violently, I couldn’t find any more blue potions in the dumpster.


“Ah, my share of potions…”


Well, it was too late since Sora ate all the ones in my bag.

Next time, let’s feed Sora after I secured my share.

Without blue potions, if I got injured, the wound might fester.

It is a potion I’ll be in trouble without.


Even so, a crumbled slime is full of mystery.

It couldn’t be helped that there wasn’t any explanation because there wasn’t any person who succeeded in taming it before me.


I’m sure you are still hiding something.”


Sora was bouncing blown by the wind.

I quietly closed my eyes as I stared at Sora…and I fell asleep.

…Am I doing things too leisurely?

I felt a bit uneasy about my future.

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