I searched for a butcher’s shop before leaving the village.

When I entered a butcher’s shop, an uncle with good physique welcomed me with a smile.

The shop had some dried meat…but although the price was 100 dall as usual, the amount of meat was a little less.


“Thanks to the snake bastard, the number of field mice decreases so the price is a little higher, sorry.”


It must be because I was hesitating while holding the dried meat, so he told me the reason why the price went up.


“Thank you.
If I bring back some field mice, will you purchase them?”


“Well, I am grateful for that.
But if you aim for field mice, you will get involved with the snake, you know.”


“…Is that so?”


“Yeah, the guys who went hunting made a racket about when one aimed for wild mice’s nests, the snake would definitely come out.”


“I see…Thank you.”


“Nah, I’ll count on you if you happened to get some field mice!”


I bought a piece of dried meat and left the shop.

When he said that snake was becoming a problem, he must be talking about the snake monster.

They said it happened in the village road leading to the next village, but I wonder if it spread even wider?

I should check into the forest with my own eyes.

Come to think of it, in short it is called a snake monster, but I wonder which species was it?

Does it have poison containing magic, or does it shoot out magic…? If it has magic, let’s escape immediately.


Can’t we hunt field mice?

My hunting method is to set a trap in places where field mice escape to.

Will they fall into the trap along with the snake?

If I try it and fail, I may have to think about other ways.

…that reminds me, will the butcher also buy snakes?

I forgot to ask him.


I left the village and walked through the forest, but I didn’t sense any presence resembling a snake.


I guess its area hasn’t spread that widely after all?

I headed for a tree with large trunk that could be climbed easily near the dumpster, all the while being cautious of my surroundings.

As I looked around, I saw small animals running away in front of me.

When I saw the huge ants before, small animals disappeared into multiple directions.

I wonder if the snake monster is not that powerful?

Hm~ Let’s gather a bit more information about the snake in the village tomorrow.

I sat down leaning against a big tree and put Sora on my lap.


“Are you all right?”


Sora was bouncing as always.

I felt comfortable just by looking at it.

Hold it… let’s finish what I ought to do first.


I lined up all the potions in the magic bag, the old ones and the ones I just picked up.

I checked their colors and quantity.

I took out all the potions from my bag…but blue potions disappeared again.




I turned my bag upside down, but I couldn’t find them.

The same thing happened in the dumpster.

I thought of any other common thing between the two situation, then I stared at Sora.

There was no other common thing except Sora was inside the bag.


“Sora? Could it be you?”


That reminds me, I wonder what does Sora eat?

An ordinary slime is a monster that processes organic matter.

A rare slime can also process inorganic matter.

What about crumbled slime?

The disappearing blue potions…perhaps potions for healing wounds?

Lost blue potion…Maybe a potion to heal the wound?

But that was strange.

Slimes should only be able to process either organic or inorganic matter.

Potions are certainly organic, but its containers are inorganic.

…What’s going on?


Since I couldn’t understand even if I thought about it, I held out a discolored blue potion I picked up from the nearby dumpster.

I was a little worried, but I put the potion in front of Sora.

My heart was beating loudly.

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